A Day In My Life- Day Out In Manchester-

Hey again!! This is going to be something which I haven’t done as of yet on my blog and I really want to do more of in the future, this is travel/lifestyle type of blog post. Recently, me and my boyfriend took a very spontaneous trip to Manchester, it was a very spontaneous trip as we both just woke up and booked 2 train tickets to Manchester ahaha (we had been planning to for a while though) Manchester is quite close to the university which I go to which is pretty cool but I’ve never got round to actually going but I’m so glad we finally did, it was sooo much fun!! This is going to also be a kind of photography type blog because if you didn’t already know, I am really into photography and I am trying to get more into it because I enjoy it so much!! I like these type of blog posts because it’s a kind of diary and I love sharing my experiences with you guys!! Without any more rambling, let’s get straight into it! Enjoy Lovelies!!

So, the first thing which we did was wake up on a Saturday Morning at around 10 AM and decided that we both wanted to do something, so I booked us train tickets and they were soooo cheap so I will be definitely be going again!! We booked the tickets for around 12 PM so the next thing we both did was get ready, this was a very rushed process (I take ages to get ready ahaha)



Meet my boyfriend ❤

I then packed my bag for the day including the essentials: phone, purse, some makeup bits to top up during the day, charger, a packed lunch for the both of us and a book for on the train which was Girlboss if you were wondering (it is such an amazing book to read and I would really recommend it to anyone who is seeking to become a girlboss which I sure am, I’m on my 3rd time of reading this book, its that good!!

Once we finally got off the train, we had a look around the shops in the train station and then we just followed the huge crowd up to the main parts of Manchester, I can’t say that I enjoyed the amount of people who were there but I guess that was to be expected ahaha. The first place which we ended up going to was Piccadilly Gardens and oh my, it was so so pretty, the fountains made it so much prettier and then we stopped of at Primark (my fav shop) which was absolutely huge omg!! I had to try to withhold myself from looking through the whole shop for 2 hours because I wanted all the time to visit all museums and Art galleries ahaha. I only brought one thing which caught my eye though and it was in the sale so I couldn’t really pass it up. I didn’t really go in many shops because we didn’t really go there for shopping, the only shops which we went into were Primark, Urban, Superdrug and some corner shops which were on the way to all the good stuff!!! We mainly went there to do some exploring and that was the best decision ever!! We came back to Piccadilly gardens when we were on our way to the train station and they had all lit up and it was absolutely beautiful but I will show you that towards the end of this blog 🙂

We then made our way to Chinatown which excited me so so much because I am actually obsessed with the Chinese and Japanese culture and having a look round the supermarkets and gift shops was so much fun and seen as it was Chinese new year a day before we went, I just want to say a happy Chinese new year to each and every one of you!! We had a look around the Chinese supermarket and picked up some Pocky which is mine and my boyfriends fav things ever!! We then had a look round all the streets which was so pretty!!

The art gallery was only round the corner so the next place we decided to go was there!! Ever since around 14 years old I’ve always been obsessed with Art galleries because I find them so so fascinating and all the art is so beautiful, I just wish I could draw ahaha. This was a pretty huge Art Gallery with so many great exhibitions and I would really recommend visiting this Art Gallery if your ever in Manchester because it’s beautiful!! 

original_url: BFBFD7C8-A053-45AA-94CD-58367EBD236A

We then made our way to the museum of science and industry which was pretty cool, we got to take a selfie and then it came up on this sculpture type thing which you can see below and it was so creative and cool and I would really recommend going to anyone!! There was also these little things that we could have ago at and there was also a robots exhibition which me and my boyfriend really wanted to go to but we didn’t have time so we have decided to go there on our next visit. 

After leaving the museum, we only had around 3 hours until we had to make our way back to the train station and it was starting to get a bit dark so we decided to make our way back into the centre where we had a look around some more shops and then made our way to the closest McDonald’s so have a bit to eat before walking back to Piccadilly gardens. We walked through this small street which had the most beautiful pride flag but it was made out of lights which was so pretty and if you don’t know already, I’m bisexual and I think its amazing that it is obviously supported because anyone should choose love!! As I have said previously, we made our way to Picadully gardens and it was all lit up and it was so beautiful and romantic so we decided to sit there for around 30 minutes while we had a rest before making our way back to the train station!! 

After this, we made our way back to the train station and traveled back to university. I had the best day and I would really recommend going to all these places while you are in Manchester because they are absolutely beautiful!! I really hope you enjoyed this type of blog post and there will be many more to come!! I have changed my upload schedule to make it a bit easier for me and there will be more blogs on the way!! I have changed it to Monday-Wednesday-Friday and a Sunday but alternating every 2 weeks!! I am trying to get to 500 followers where I will make my blog more official and get my own domain!! so make sure to give me a follow!!!


I would love each and everyone one of you to interact with me in the comments, ill comment back as soon as I can (I promise!!) Please comment any blog posts you would be interested in seeing and I will make sure to post them (I would really appropriate your feedback) If you have any questions or suggestions or would simply like to get in touch, my email is chlolauren21@icloud.com and I aim to email back within 24 hours!! Thank you for reading my first blog post I hope it gave you an insight into who I am and I will be back on Wednesday evening at 6 GMT for another post…

Love, Chlo xox

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2 thoughts on “A Day In My Life- Day Out In Manchester-

  1. I love twinkly pretty lights and a pretty night scene. I’m sure you guys stayed as long as you possibly could. I just want to add that I think it’s so commendable for you to add the footer at the bottom of your posts asking for all types of feedback and support. I oftentimes wonder about whether or not I should say something to someone. Feedback can be a sensitive thing for some people. Btw, welcome to the blogosphere and thank you for the follow. I’ll put it on my agenda to send you over an email. 🙂

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