Day one of our short road trip; Brighton

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and welcome to my blog x

Today is a very exciting blog post and this is going to be in two parts, the next one will be up on Wednesday as I asked on twitter if you’d prefer to see them both together or separate and everyone said separate so here we are.  I’ve been eagerly waiting to write another travel blog post as besides makeup, these are one of my fav blog posts to write as they are so exciting and its so fun looking back on what I did that day. Me and my boyfriend have been planning on going on a short trip away for a while now and as it was the Easter hols at university, we thought no better way to spend it and go for a short road trip before all our assignments and exams happen, the calm before the storm right? I would also like to say a massive thank you to my boyfriend for being my photographer and not getting annoyed when I wanted a photo every five mins ahaha. I really hope you enjoy this blog post as much as I’m going to enjoy writing this, if you do, make sure to give this a like and also follow my blog for more!!

We left for this drive at 4 AM and woke up at 3 and it was the worst feeling in the world, I was so so tired and I had to quickly do my makeup and my hair but they both turned out quite well however I fixed my makeup in the car ahaha, nevertheless, the early morning start was all work it when we finally got there because it was such a beautiful sunny day and we were really lucky with the weather as in England, the sun is a very rare occurrence especially as it has been snowing but I sure wasn’t complaining!! We got there around half 8 and we had the perfect morning stroll as the car was parked quite far away from everything in Brighton so it was around a 10 min walk to the pier.

As you can see from the photo’s above, this was my outfit of the day, it was very simple but soon became really uncomfortable so I opted to change my outfit from the car into more comfortable clothing. When we finally got to the pier it was closed as I said we got their quite early so we decided to sit on the beach for a bit and chill as the drive was really tiring and we both just needed a break. The beach was absolutely beautiful and one of my favourite sounds which I use to relax myself is the sound of waves and theirs nothing better than hearing them in person and I felt instantly relaxed. Being by the beach increases my mood dramatically and I felt so calm and content, it was amazing! Throughout the day, I did get a bit anxious but I will talk about that in more detail later.


Once we had sat on the beach for around half an hour, we decided to go for a walk and go to the shopping centre. I have heard such great things about the shopping centre in Brighton and how pretty the lanes are. I personally watch quite a lot of You Tuber’s who live in Brighton and it just looks beautiful and there are so many shops which I personally love. One of my favourite things about going to new places is seeing all the scenery and one of my favourite spots was the beautiful coloured buildings which you can see below and we also went past the Royal Pavilion and I would really recommend you go if you are ever in Brighton because it was so beautiful.

As I said before, we did go and do a bit of shopping and I had a look round all of my normal shops and I was so excited to see that they had a Bershka because I have purchased some of their clothes from their site a few times and I absolutely love their basic tee’s as they are so inexpensive but unfortunately I couldn’t find any that I really liked enough to purchase. I also was really excited to see that they had a Pull & Bear because this is another one of my fav shops but their aren’t many and I only brought one thing which was the grey jumper which you will see in basically the rest of my photos aha. I have recently been using 21 buttons to link my outfits so if you would like to buy the jumper and the dress which I also tried on, the links are all on there and my username is chlolaurenxo.

Anxiety is probably the worst thing ever when your having the most amazing time, I got so overwhelmed with the amount of people who were everywhere as it was a beautiful day out so why wouldn’t you go to the beach? After a while I did start to feel better and got it under control so we just decided to have a bit of a break, after this, we wen’t in my favourite clothing store which if you haven’t guessed, was Primark, I couldn’t really find any clothing bits which I like so I didn’t get anything but I did buy some makeup which I have been planning on purchasing but they never had the colours I wanted. There will be a review up on Friday for you so if you aren’t already, follow my blog so you don’t miss out!!

We didn’t really spend that much time shopping which is shocking as it is one of my favourite things to do but I didn’t really want to waste time doing something that I always do so we decided to go back on to the sea front and at this point, everything had started to open so we had a look around all the small shops and then sat on the beach for around an hour and then we went and had something to eat. One of my main goals in life is to be able to live by the beach and if I can accomplish that, I would be the happiest person ever, so spending as much time by the beach is a must whenever I go away.

The pier had finally opened by the time we had finished sitting on the beach so we decided to head over to the pier. Nothing makes you feel like your on holiday as much as playing in the arcade and using the 2p machine, am I right? I have always heard such great things about Brighton pier and it really did live up to that expectation. We went into the arcade for around half an hour and then we spent probably another hour on the actual pier. What I love about piers is that you get the perfect view of the sea so you can get some great photos and there are always benches so you can just chill, which is exactly what I did.

Once we had been on the pier there wasn’t much else we had left to do so we just decided to go sit on the beach for a while again as the weather was beautiful and I just needed the break. It was around 3pm now and we did have a hotel booked around an hour away so we decided to go there once we had finished on the beach. Brighton was so beautiful and it was so nice going as I’ve wanted to go there for a while now. I really hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and the next instalment of the holiday will be up on Wednesday and I would just like to say a massive thank you for all the support since I started my blog, it means so much to me x

I would love each and everyone one of you to interact with me in the comments, ill comment back as soon as I can (I promise!!) Please comment any blog posts you would be interested in seeing and I will make sure to post them (I would really appropriate your feedback) If you have any questions or suggestions or would simply like to get in touch, my email is and I aim to email back within 24 hours!! Thank you for reading my first blog post I hope it gave you an insight into who I am and I will be back on Wednesday evening at 4:30  GMT for another post…


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4 thoughts on “Day one of our short road trip; Brighton

  1. Looks like so much fun! I’ve never actually been to Brighton but would love to go. It’s a stupidly long road trip from Scotland though so I may have to fly. Love all of your pictures too 🙂

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