My First year of University Experience- Was it what I was expecting??

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all doing well, welcome to my blog. In today’s blog post, I am going to be talking about my First year of university experience, I’m going to be covering a variety of things, my course, the accommodation and my social life and anything that comes to mind really. Over the past month, I’ve slowly been finishing off assignments and doing some exams but now I’ve finally finished my first year of university and have loads of time to just relax now. When I finally decided to go to university, I was very anxious about what to expect and if I’d make any friends or if anyone will like me. Now that my first year of university is over, I’ve finally decided that coming to university was the best decision I probably ever made. It has taught me so much already and I’m so excited for the next two years. There are a lot of questions a person should be asking themselves and worrying about when it comes to going to university, how are you going to budget your money and are you going to get on with your flat mates??


The first thing I am going to talk about it the process of moving there and if it was scary or not. If you don’t already know, I go to Staffordshire university and currently studying Forensic Psychology. When it came to moving into university and the months leading up to it, I remember buying loads of things for my room and the kitchen and also stationary which now I look at it, I didn’t use half of it, I remember thinking that i’d need loads of stationary but in reality, all you need is a notebook for going to lectures and maybe another notebook for writing hard notes that are neat and some pens and highlighters, I didn’t use any of the folders or anything I brought. Another necessity for university is a laptop, if you don’t already own one before university, I would advise to have a laptop because having a laptop makes it so much more easier to study and produce assignments. I brought so much bedding because obviously I needed 4 throws for my bed ahaha, I only ever used two of them to alternate on my bed. If you’d be interested in a rough list of what things you need to buy, I’d love to do that for you!! I’m already dreading moving out of my accommodation in the next month as I have so many things but I’m planning on getting rid of most of it. Another thing I’ve learnt about buying for university is only buying the things that you actually need, if you see anything and think you need it, question yourself first and how many times your going to use it because no doubt, you probably won’t use it as much as you think.

When it comes to moving into the accommodation, I would recommend going on a university accommodation tour when you go on an open day as you will get a feel of which accommodation you would best feel comfortable in living in, I didn’t go on an accommodation tour but I applied for the on-suite and thankfully I was offered on-suite. When I was thinking about accommodation, I remember never wanting to share a toilet with anyone and having on-suite has been so efficient for me. When it comes to meeting your flat mates, what I did was use the university Facebook page and managed to find two of my flat mates and started talking to them on their, also the first night I got to university, we all sat in the kitchen for around an hour trying to get to know each other, for a few weeks I would talk to a few of my flat mates but at the end of the year we only talk when we bump into each other cooking in the kitchen, it was clear from the start that we probably wouldn’t all talk but my friend from university talks to all her flat mates and is moving in with them again next year, I think it all just depends on the individuals in the flat and you shouldn’t feel down if you don’t get on with you. I’m really going to miss living in the accommodation I live in now, it has been so refreshing being able to live alone and being able to learn the concepts of having no one to depend on and becoming fully independent which I was really excited about when moving to university.

When looking back on the first year of university, I had a very rough start and my anxiety was at its highest and I went through a very short period of wanting to just leave and go back home and get a job, luckily, I met one of my friends on welcome week and she knew how I felt so she started inviting me round her flat etc and I met so many new people which have now become the best people I’ve ever known and I’m honestly so thankful for them, the saying is true, you really do find your true friends when attending university. Making friends was my main worry when coming to university but it was so much easier than I thought, there are so many people at the start of university in the same boat as you so it is so much easier to find your own group and meeting new people, I remember going to a few flat parties and I met so many people. everyone is always looking to get to know someone and that’s what I love about university, you very quickly find where you fit in and become more confident around them. Another thing I wanted to mention is about alcohol, If you go to university with a belief where you don’t want to drink or just simply don’t like the idea of drinking then please don’t, you should never feel like you need to drink to make friends, the only reason I decided too was it made me so much more confident and I met so many friends. Also, never do anything you don’t feel comfortable with doing especially if its just to fit in, you don’t need alcohol to fit it at all, just be yourself and the right people will come to you.

Another tip I have with socialising at university is there are loads of socializing events around university like ember which is a resturant and LRV which is both a night club on campus and a pub type place. I would really recommend inviting people to go to places with you so maybe you can meet some new friends.

Now onto my course, as I’ve mentioned before, I study Forensic Psychology and the first year of university has been really hard, in total, I’ve had 6 assingments and 4 exams in total, which does seem like a lot but they have been spread out throughout the year and two semesters. All the modules have been really fun and interesting to learn about and I have learnt through lectures and seminars. My time table was not full on and the most I had on a day was a Tuesday where I only have 4 hours in total but they were spread out throughout the day. I would recommend throughout the day of having lectures, do some extra reading around the subjects, this will help have your own interpretation around the subject and help in exams and assignments, I produced a blog post a while ago on my study tips MY STUDY WITH ME AS A UNIVERSITY STUDENT- WEDNESDAY EDITION

When it comes to budgeting and paying rent etc, all the adult stuff. Rent works differently with different universities but my rent came out the same day as my student loan came it making it so much more easier to budget money and see how much money you have left. One thing I learnt from my semester is to not go shopping when your hungry or when you haven’t made a shopping list as you will go into the shop and pick up things you may think you need when you really don’t. On average, I spend up to £20 on an average week on food and i don’t really know if that’s alright but recently I’ve changed up my diet quite a lot and it’s been really hard to have all the fruit and veg stay fresh throughout the week. Another tip is to not go shopping until all your food is gone and you urgently need to go shopping, what I found when it came to shopping and food, I’d have a schedule where I’d go shopping every Sunday even though I still had food in the flat so they never got eaten and I somehow accumulated 3 draws of frozen food and had to throw most of it away at the end of the year.

Throughout the year I’ve also had to look for year two accommodation which was easier than I expected but it is important to make sure to look through the paper work before signing and to look round as many accommodations as you would like, it is also important to move in with people you trust because nothing would be worse than living with people you hardly know and going through the process of meeting new people, I know it seems like a long time away and you are completely focusing on first year, first year will fly by and it has honestly felt like a month, I’m going to miss the experience throughout the summer.

Home sickness was another thing I suffered from in the first couple months and it is totally normal to experience it, just remember your family and friends are only a phone call away and you can go home at the weekend whenever you want. I’m sorry that this blog post was rather long, there was so much I wanted to cover and there are still some things I want to talk about but I may mention them in other university related blog posts as I’ll be moving into my year two accommodation and will need to buy new things so I’m going to make a haul post on that. I hope you have found this helpful and somewhat interesting, if you are moving into university in September, good luck and I can tell you that you will love it!! I was thinking of uploading a university room tour a while ago but thought no one would read so I’m going to include it here, I’m going to write one of these each year to remind myself of the experience and that’s what I love about blogging, I have the chance of looking back on things that I may have forgotten, it’s like a personal diary. If you have any further questions, comment them and i’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Room tour- 


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