Updated Skincare Routine- Summer 2018

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and welcome to my blog. Today I am going to be showing you my updated skincare routine, this has changed quite a lot since my last one as I have been experimenting and testing out new skincare. I’ve been really into looking after my skin and clearing out my skin before summer. In the summer time, I don’t really like to wear foundation and just light skin products as I like to show my freckles and just feels so much lighter on my skin. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been testing out a lot of new skincare products and all these have been incorporated into my skincare routine. I’ve been really intreaged in testing out loads of new face masks as I’ve been interested to see how well they work on my skin, one of my favourites which I tested out the other day and it was a bubble mask from Primark which was only 80 p which I would really recommend, now lets get onto my actual skincare routine. I do most of my skincare both morning and evening but I try to use a bit more products in the evening as I want to remove all the makeup from the day.


Morning Skincare routine-

In the morning I like to have a bit of a refresh ready for the rest of the day and I like to start of with my trusty T-zone skincare clear pore facial wash, as you can tell by the image, I have used a lot of this product because its just that good, It really wakes me up and helps to brighten up my skin in the morning. I don’t really do much skincare in the morning but I just like to go over my face to get rid of any left over makeup from the night before. I scrub this face wash into my face until all my face is clear and then I will wash it off with my towel. I will then take my Micellar water from DermaV10 which I’ve also used quite a lot of and again I use this to get rid of any left over makeup from the night before and to get rid of any dirt that has came on to my skin during the night. This cleansing water really helps to cleanse and smooth my skin which makes applying makeup so much easier. I will then take a little bit of my skin tonic from Primark on a cotton pad and rub this around my face, this contains Vitamin E which is really good for the skin and this tonic really helps to balance and refresh my skin. Lastly, I will then take my Skin therapy light hydrating moisturiser and pop this in little dots all over my face and not to forget my neck and then I rub this in using my fingers, I never used to use moisturiser on a regular basis which sounds really bad but now I’ve got into the routine of using it every morning and night and I have seen a vast improvement in the condition of my skin and I have less dry patches upon my skin. This moisturiser is also really good for soothing my face and making it soft, and that is my morning skincare routine.

Evening skincare routine-


As you can see in the image above, their are a lot of skincare products, trust me, I don’t use all of these every evening. Firstly I will take my Primark face wipes and take off the majority of my makeup including my eye makeup and then simularly to my morning routine I will go in with my t-zone facial wash and get rid of the left over makeup on my face and this just helps to cleanse my skin from all the makeup that has been on my skin. Every week, I try to do at least one face mask, there isn’t one in the image purely because I’ve used all mine up and I need to go get some new ones, some of my favourite face masks are from Primark and they are only 80p which is so affordable and each one contains different properties aimed towards different skin types and what you want the face mask to acheive, I tend to use brightening and cleansing face masks and some times t-tree face masks but recently, since fully taking care of my skin, I have seen a vast improvement in the skin and it has cleared up so much. I will then take my micellar water and my skin toner on a cotton pad and simultaniously rub them into my skin, this really helps to get rid of any makeup and dirt bit also helps to cleanse and sooth the face. After that I will take my moisturiser and dot it around my face and neck and rub that in leaving my face moisturised and smooth. On an evening, I will take my skin therapy overnight calming blemish serum and place this on some blemishes I may have and this just helps to get rid of any pores I may have and also reduces redness which I generally do suffer from. Simuarly to doing a face mask, I will also try to do a nose strip and an eye patch at least once every week. The nose strips are from t-zone and they are charcoal and I like to do one of these each week because it helps to get rid of any blackheads I may have on my nose and also unclogs any pores I may have on my nose because this is a general area I tend to get spots. I also like to use gel eye patches which are from skinacademy which are really good because every once in a while my eyes tend to get really dry and I start to get dark circles and these patches are great for that. I will just place them under my eyes and leave them there for around 25 minutes and then I will take them off and rub in the excess, this really hydrates under my eyes. And that is my finished evening skincare routine.

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