Rome Diary: 72 hours in Rome 2018, Day 1

I haven’t even wrote any of this post yet but I can already tell It’s one of my favourite posts. So, in today’s post, I’m going to be telling you about my trip to Rome which I absolutely loved. Technically, if you take out the first day where I practically slept the whole day because we didn’t sleep much at all, me and my boyfriend were in Rome for a total of 72 hours.

Being able to finally travel has made me the happiest person I could ever be and it has enlightened my soul and I can’t wait to explore the rest of the world. The time I’m writing this I’ve only been back from the airport a couple of hours and I’m already planning my next trip and that makes me so excited also.

A short round up of the first day where we were travelling, the flight was at 6:30 which is most definitely the earliest I’ve ever left my bed. we left for the airport around 2, we stayed in a hotel right next to London Stansted so it didn’t take long at all to get to the airport. As this was my first ever flight, I was so nervous, it wasn’t as bad as I’d anticipated which I already expected, I hate taking off and I also hate landing but I LOVE being up in the air, its absolutely beautiful and I love the view, I practically slept through most of the flight but of course I had to get some shots first.

Once we got to the airport, we had to wait for our transfer to get to the hotel, we mis-interperated how long it would take us to get to the hotel and how far it was from the central. We got to drive through the whole of Rome so it was so lovely to see all the sights beforehand so we can everything that were going to see throughout the trip. Once we got to the hotel, we had a really quick walk and we stayed in the Ibis Roma and it was definitely worth the money, even though we had to get the train to the central. I loved the view from the hotel, we then practically slept for the rest of the day and got a quick pizza from the restaurant from round the corner.

The first official day has got to be my favourite day, the first thing we did that morning was get ready, that day I wore my favourite dress from Boohoo and I had my hair in two small french braids and it looked so cute. I also used my red bag from Primark which was so handy to use and it made it so much easier to keep it by my side as I’ve heard Rome is famous for pick pocketing.

We spent around an hour trying to find a ticket to get on the train and bus as you can’t buy tickets like you can in the UK so we had to get one beforehand but we couldn’t find them anywhere but when we finally did, we hopped on the train and made our way into Rome. When we got to the train station we then brought a 3 day transport was which was only 18 euro which is so cheap for the amount of times we used it. We then had to go in the underground to get to the terminal. The first place we stopped off at was the Colosseum which I was so excited about and it was everything it lived up to be. It was so beautiful, we didn’t decide to go on a tour because we weren’t overely interested but I was so overwhelmed with how pretty it actually was.


We sat there for a while to take in the view because it was absolutely beautiful and I just couldn’t believe I was actually there, I cried quite a few times because this is everything I’ve been waiting for. On another note, at the same time I noticed that I had quite a few mosquito bites which were so itchy so something I’d recommend taking into consideration when going to Italy, especially Rome, take some mosquito repellent or get some cream to help heal them as I had to pay quite a lot for it so I’d recommend purchasing beforehand.

We then went into the actual central where everything else was and our next stop was the Altare della Patria which looked absolutely beautiful, this was one of the places my boyfriend really wanted to see and I understand why. We took a while going up the steps and when we reached the top I was so amazed.

Once we got to the top we went through the museum part which was so interesting and educational which I love. We sat up at the top for a while because we definitely needed the break, we got so many beautiful photos from the top.


We then headed to Trevi Fountain which I was definitely most excited for. When I was researching Rome and all the sights etc I’ve always been drawn to Trevi Fountain and I love that everyone throws a coin to make a wish and will let you come back, its so sweet. When we got there I was so overwhelmed with how beautiful it was and I just wanted to sit there looking at it forever. It has so much history and all I wanted to do was find out more!

We didn’t really do much else when we left Trevi, one exciting thing though was heading to Sephora, I’ve heard so many amazing things about Sephora and I was so excited to splash some cash while I was there, which I didn’t really end up doing as they didn’t have half the things I wanted, I will be doing a haul in the next week off everything I brought from Rome so I will tell you there everything I picked up from Sephora. We also headed to Zara and Bershka but unfortunately I didn’t pick anything up! We then headed back to our hotel and chilled for the rest of the evening, we also headed down to the restaurant in the hotel to have some pasta, we basically lived off pizza and pasta on this trip but why go to Italy and eat anything less?

Day one of our trip has got to me my favourite out of the 3, I was overly excited throughout the whole day and it made me so happy. As this post is longer than I’d anticipated, I’ll be uploading day 2&3 of this trip on Friday at 9AM, one thing I’ve learnt from day one is that everything and everyone has some sort of history but it still means its beautiful. My favourite thing from day one has got to be Trevi Fountain, I wish I could live in Rome just so I could go and see it everyday.

Thank you so much for reading, have you been to Rome? what was your favourite thing about your trip? or Have you always wanted to go to Rome and what has attracted you to going there?? Mine was definitely the history and the sights.


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