Devil Halloween Costume tutorial

Good morning, this is the last Halloween costume tutorial that’s going to be going up this week, I really hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all the different Halloween costumes and I hope it gave you some motivation in what your going to be dressing up as for Halloween this year, I’ve loved creating and taking photos for all of these looks. Thank you so much to everyone who has shown me support on each of these posts, it means so much, for today’s Halloween look, I thought I’d recreate something really simple and easy that everyone could recreate. This would be a super easy look if your planning on going to a super last minute Halloween party and that was something I really wanted to incorporate into this week.

The makeup

For base makeup, you’ve heard it 5 times already this week, The first product I used was the Revolution Conceal & Define concealer in shade 0.5 I applied this to the majority of my face just to make my face look more pale, yes paler than it already is. I then used my Rimmel stay matte powder in shade Translucent, this powder just adds a bit more colour to my face and mattifies my face which I really love. For contour, the contour palette I’m going to use is the collection Contour and highlight palette in shade Fair. I applied this using a pointed fluffy brush to my cheekbones to create more definition, I also applied this to my forehead to make it look smaller haha. I then added some of the highlighter from the palette because a look wouldn’t be complete without highlighter right?

For brows, I just did my usual brow routine, for this, I’m going to be using my Revolution brow pomade in shade Medium brown, this is a super easy product to use and it helps to make your brows look as natural as possible. For eyes, I am going to focus on the red shades to make the eyes pop, the palette I’m going to be using is the Revolution Iconic Fever palette which is my definite favourite at the moment. The first shade I’m using is the shade is the 4th on the top row which is a light orange shade which is perfect for a base shade, I ran this through my crease to start some dimension. The next shade I went in with was the one next to it which is a bit darker and I ran this through my crease also and on my lower lash line. The next shade I used was the red in the middle which is so pigmented and beautiful, I run this through my crease again and putting it more over my eyes. I do all this using a fluffy eye shadow brush. Finally, using a flat top brush, using the first shade, I run this through the inner corner and towards the inner of my eye to brighten the look back up. For liner and mascara, I’m going to be using my MUA liner and drawing a really big wing to draw more attention to the eyes, I then went in with a Khol liner and ran this on my lower lash line to create more definition and darken up the look. For mascara, I’m going to be using a mix of my Primark and Miss sporty mascara as this creates both volume and length.

Finally, for lips, I am going to be using my Sleek Matte lipstick in shade , which is the perfect red shade for the make up look as it goes really well with everything else that is red in this makeup look.


The shades used in the eye look (doesn’t have shade names)

The hair

For hair, I’m not going to be doing anything special, you could do anything with your hair for this look, I’m just going to be curling my hair and then french braiding the very top of my hair to create two small ponytails which is super cute.

The outfit

For the outfit, all you will need is a super basic red dress and I’m sure everyone has one but you could also get some really nice red dresses from Prettylittlething which is one I’m wearing in the image. I then got some red devil ears from ASDA for only 50 which is definitely a bargain and it wouldn’t matter if they got lost. For shoes I’m just wearing my black Chelsea boots.

That’s the finished look, I told you it was easy haha, thank you so much for reading and let me know in the comments if you enjoyed reading, thank you so much for all the support and love I’ve received this week, it means the world and I really hope you have an amazing Halloween, if you don’t celebrate Halloween, I hope you have a lovely day nevertheless. I’ll be back on Wednesday for a Halloween special featuring my boyfriend. Chlo x







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