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Here’s a kick start to 2019 by getting my skincare in shape and being one step closer to having clear skin. If you haven’t read my post describing my NY resolutions, one of the main ones was to put together a skincare regime for the whole body which is quick and easy, there’s nothing I hate more than a skincare routine that takes half an hour.

This post is actually in partnership with and I’m super excited to be working with them on this post! I just want to say a massive thank you to for gifting all of these products to me, I can’t wait to start using all of the products.

I’m going to give you a little background on the site, the site reminds me of an online pharmacy with so many products at discounted prices, including products from: Dove, Real Techniques and Nivea. You can get free delivery which is perfect, there’s nothing worse than spending a lot of many and then having to pay a cost for postage. The package arrived really quick considering it being Christmas.

Here’s what the website looks like

First of all, I thought I would give you a haul of all the products I picked out, as I’ve previously said, I wanted to stick to products which will help me to kick start my skincare regime and there was so much to chose from. I focused on purchasing products I’ve never tried before because I didn’t see the point in purchasing products I’d previously used.

  • LA Girl Pro Concealer in shade Porcelain- £3.99
  • Natures Aid Vitamin C Vitamins- £2.59
  • Jessica Nail Varnish in shade ‘Meet at the Plaza’- 50p (50p can you actually believe that)
  • Mudd Original Mask Deep Cleansing- 20p (I can’t actually believe these masks are only 20p)
  • Beauty Formulas purifying cleaning nose pore strips- 99p
  • Yes to Tomatoes paper mask- £1.79
  • Real Techniques Miracle Cleansing Sponge- £3.99
  • Garnier Botanical balm moisturiser 3 in 1- £3.99
  • Dove Shower Mousse- £2
  • Maybelline Baby Lips Sports SPF 20- £1.09
  • Nivea Daily Light Moisturiser SPF 15- £2.79
  • Max Factor False Lash Epic Mascara- £3.99
  • Real Techniques Mini Trio 3 pack- £5.49 (A bargain, unfortunately it didn’t arrive)
  • L’Oreal heat protect- £2.49
  • Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner- 99p each
  • Skin Academy Vitamin C eye patches- £1.19
  • Bic Razors- £2.51
  • Hairgrips- 89p
  • Garnier Intensive Spot Care- £2.19
  • Clearasil Face wash- £2.99

All of these products came to around £50 and as you can tell by the list, your money really does go a long way on

As I’ve purchased all these products to fully kick start my skincare regime, I thought it would only be right to put together my skincare regime using these products when my skin needs some TLC. When my skin is feeling dry and dirty, I like to use a face mask and apply some eye patches and nose strips which is what I’m going to be starting of with.

I’m going to be using my Yes to Tomatoes paper mask which was only £1.79. The price was definitely a bargain especially as I’ve been seeing them on beautybay for around £4. I’ve never actually tested any skincare from Yes to before but I really enjoyed using this mask. I love paper masks because you can just place them on your face and you can peel it straight off, reducing the hastle of going to wash it of.

Once I’ve taken of this mask, I will go in and apply my Skin Academy vitamin C eye patches which were only £1.19 and my beauty formula nose strips which were a bargain at 99p. I will leave these on for around 20 minutes. These leave my eyes feeling really hydrated and even though it’s painful, the nose strips get rid of any pores that were around the area of my nose.

After this, I will go in and use my Clearasil face wash which was £2.99. This is a really good face wash that got rid of any left over makeup I had on my skin and it left my skin feeling refreshed and cleansed. I will then use my Garnier 3 in 1 moisturiser which smells gorgeous and leaves my skin feeling really hydrated and smooth. Even though this moisturiser is quite thick, it works wonders on the skin and I can’t wait to test it out as a mask. Last but not least, I will go in with my Garnier intense spot cream on all of my blemishes, this product dries up the spots and gets rid of my spots within 1 day!

Overall, I would 100% recommend using to get all of your skincare and makeup essentials. I just want to say a massive thank you again to for giving me this opportunity and I can’t wait to keep testing the rest of the products.

Why don’t you make some skincare purchases and kick start your skincare regime this New Year?

Thank you for reading!

Chlo xo

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  1. Wow I’ve never heard of this website before but I will have to check them out! Thank you for informing me on it. I need to stock up on some real techniques brushes so hopefully this website can help me get them cheaper! I hope your skincare routine goes well and that it makes you feel more confident
    Alex x

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