Review of the Morphe 25C palette including 2 Easy Eye looks

Morphe is a makeup brand I am overly obsessed with. For Christmas as a present to myself I thought I would treat myself to the 25C Hey Girl Hey palette which is full with so many beautiful shades that I couldn’t say no to. 

Something I look for when purchasing eye shadow palette’s is diversity, I like a palette that is different including some bright colourful shades with a mix of subtle, nude shades for an everyday basis. This is exactly how I would describe the 25C palette. 

In today’s post, I thought it would only be right to review the palette as a whole for anyone who is considering purchasing this palette and to mix it up, I’m also going to be creating two very different looks that you can create using this palette. Also, I have started uploading different makeup look onto my Instagram, if this is something of interest to you and you aren’t already following my insta, my user is @chlolaurenblogs. 

The packaging:

The packaging is very similar to other Morphe palette’s however it it doesn’t look as plastic as the 35 shade palette’s. The packaging is very simple, black and sturdy looking with white lettering, also including a name sheet just like other palette’s (which does make blogging hard if you lose it) Something I’m always disappointed about with Morphe palettes is it doesn’t come with a mirror, this is redeemed when you test the quality of the shadow’s in the palette. 

The Shadows:

The clue is in the name, there are 25 shades in total and it was only £19 can you actually believe that, it works out as 76p per shadow which is definitely a bargain. The colours are varied which is something I love about the palette, ranging from nudes, pinks/purples, shimmers and mattes. 

Here are the swatches of the palette, my obvious favourite shade is ‘chloe’ which is obviously my name, it’s a beautiful pink mauve shade. 

Shades 1 to 11:

Shades 11-25:

I can’t quite believe how pigment all these shades were, especially for a palette at £19! The pinks and red shades are unbelievable. I honestly believe this is the best palette I’ve ever tested and definitely better than some higher ended makeup!


I’m sure you can make your own opinion on the palette and agree it is beautiful, all of the shades are overly pigmented and I’d definitely recommend purchasing if you are looking for a versatile palette with a range of shades. All shades blend like a dream, some more than others. Something I love about this palette is that there are some pink/purple shades but there are also some nude shades. I’m definitely going to be creating more looks over on my Instagram so make sure to follow so you don’t miss out, now I’m going to be showing you what shades I used to create 2 very different looks.

This is the more neutral look I have been able to create with the palette, saying that, it’s definitely a beautiful look. To make it easier to follow, I am going to be listing all the shades I have used in the order I put them onto my eyes and then I am going to describe where I placed the shade’s on my eye. The brushes I used are two fluffy blending brush and flat top brush from RevolutionPro.

  • Brooke- A peachy nude shade, perfect for a transition shade. I ran this through my crease.
  • Lilly- A darker nude shade. I ran this through my crease again, focusing on bringing it up to the brow.
  • Ella- This is a darker brown shade. I ran this through my crease to darken up the look.
  • Aimee- This is a dark red shade, I ran this directly through my crease. Also running this on the lower lash line.
  • Jeno- This is an icy pink shimmer. I ran this all over my lid, focusing on the inner corner, creating a cut crease effect. I also placed this on my inner corner.

This is my favourite look I have ever created (That’s how much I love this palette). It’s definitely a look I feel is very me and I’m going to be creating this look so many times, I’ll probably run out of the pink shade in 2 months by the amount of time’s I’ve used the palette so far. The same as the other look, I’m going to be listing all the shades I used in the order I used them, I’m also going to give a little sentence on where I focused the shade on the eye. The brushes I used are two fluffy blending brush and flat top brush from RevolutionPro.

  • Brooke- A peachy nude shade, perfect for a transition shade. I ran this through my crease.
  • Lilly- A darker nude shade. I ran this through my crease again, focusing on bringing it up to the brow.
  • Chloe- Oh look, a shade using my name! I focused this in my crease to darken it up and add some pink.
  • Summer- My favourite shade from the palette. I ran this through the crease, taking up to my brow bone. I packed this on using my brush to build up the colour as much as possible. I then went in with a clean brush and blended this shade with the rest.
  • (I then went in with my Collection Concealer in shade 0.5 and created a half cut crease using my flat top brush from Revolution Pro. A top is to place a tiny bit of concealer on the eye and look up, this creates a line of where you should focus the concealer).
  • Bella- To bring a shimmer to the look, I added a tiny bit of this shade to where I’d placed the shade Summer.
  • Jeno- I wet my brush first to make the colour more intense. I focused this where I’d placed the concealer. I build this up as much as possible. I went in and applied some using my finger as this always works the best.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Are you now dying to test this palette or have you already tested it? Would you like me to upload more content like this? Let me know in the comments because I’d love to talk to you!

Thank you for reading,

Chlo xo

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3 thoughts on “Review of the Morphe 25C palette including 2 Easy Eye looks

  1. I love these two looks you created! Especially the second one, it gives me a bit of a Summer feeling looking at it. The palette looks absolutely gorgeous and definitely has shades I would use myself. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for this palette!

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