Are Influencers fake?

I’ve been blogging for almost a year now and something I’ve seen stem across social media is the debate of influencers being fake. As a blogger myself, I don’t agree with this statement which is why I’m putting together this post so be prepared for a rambly post, grab a cuppa and enjoy the read! First of all, I just want to mention that some people may disagree with my opinion but I just wanted to express my own opinion on the topic.

Are Instagram influencers fake?

As a blogger taking Flatlays and uploading content is kind of part of the deal, other people think that taking ‘fancy’ Flatlays and images means we’re not living in the real world and they want to see more content based on ‘real life’. Me taking pictures of pretty makeup and my outfits are real life aren’t they?

If I’ve learnt anything about blogging the past year it’s about being yourself, comparing yourself to others is the worst thing you can do for your career in blogging, when I first started, I would compare my content and stats to others and that really put a downer on my motivation. Ever since I stopped doing that, I create content for myself and I never look at anyone else’s stats.

I was speaking to a friend a couple of weeks ago who isn’t an influencer and they asked me what it was all for? who actually cares about the lipstick your wearing that day or what food your eating in a day? As a blogger, I put content out there for myself, not to make an impression of myself to other people. Is being a blogger narcissistic?

Are people comfortable with the content you upload?

Something I see a lot around Instagram are people being uncomfortable and being self-conscious about the ‘glamerous’ lives others live but does that mean their being fake? I think quite a lot of people forget that if you are not enjoying another persons content, then unfollow them and follow the people you actually want to see. Criticising someone else’s work and creativity is definitely something that gets on my nerves, even though I have never experienced this myself, I can only imagine how it would feel to be criticised for something you’ve spent hours creating. Even if it’s their career or their hobby, this just isn’t cool.

Something I think is so important as an influencer is being happy with the content you are uploading, if you are only uploading the content because you think it’s what people want to see, don’t you think you should change that? I think WE should all be allowed to upload the content we want to and not be put down for our creativity.

I’ve seen a lot of people say that when seeing someone on Instagram ‘living a perfect life’ affects their mental health, this I can 100% agree on, however, if this is how you feel, unfollow them, you don’t need to put another individual down. Taking photos for content and social media’s is definitely something I invest my time in, being creative was one of the prime reasons I started my blog and I want my feed to be perfect (that’s my OCD side coming through) but that doesn’t mean I’m trying to be fake.

The real reason for Instagram and a blog

I think quite a lot of people tend to forget the real reason Instagram was created, it was to express your life through images to other people, it was not made to compare yourself nor judge another individuals images. I tend to use Instagram quite a lot when it comes to promoting my blog but this is something I love. Instagram is a place of expression and being your true self, you are allowed to upload content that you want to upload.

On Twitter, I asked for some feedback to include in this post and a lot of people said that they use Instagram to express themselves and that’s something I aspire with. On my Instagram I have been trying to upload content on an everyday basis but there is so much expectation for an influencer to upload a story every second of everyday but I know based on my experience that there are just some memories and images I want to keep to myself, I want to live in the moment and I don’t want to be posting stories all the time! There definitely needs to be a differentiation between uploading content because you love it and uploading content because it’s what your followers want.

Staged images

This is the main point I wanted to address when I was planning on writing this post. Uploading flatlays of products or having a photographer take photos for you is not the definition of being fake, it’s being creative with what you have. I think it’s a real art when an influencer puts together a beautiful flatlay, it takes a lot of time and sometimes money to get the right shot so I really think this needs to be appreciated more.

When I’m reading other people’s blogs, I always find it fascinating to look at an individuals photography style and how creative they are with their photography. A post without photography doesn’t go down as well as a post with photography, it creates an image and it’s definitely something I enjoy to look at.

Being dishonest

Being sent products to review and test out is all part of the package of being an influencer but when we upload reviews, are we all truthful? Can we be fake just for the money? Something I can definitely stand by is saying that whenever I upload a review for a brand, I will always express my true opinions. If I don’t like something I’ve been sent, I purely won’t recommend it to my readers.

I also hit to twitter again to ask on your opinions and one individual said that they believe some influencers are dishonest with their opinions because they want to to have further brand deals. If you are paid to say a particular thing, then you can feel forced to say something really good about the products your promoting. Personally, I feel the only way to grow an honest following and have people that read your content is to be honest in every situation.

Living more in the moment

Over Instagram and the blogging community, I’ve seen a lot of people talk about how they think influencers should live more in the moment and capture images that really express what they are doing in a day, but some people don’t realise that when an individual is living in the moment, they don’t want to take out their camera to take an image. I think the expectation of influencers should be lowered as their is so much expectation around an influencer to always upload even when their having a bad day.

Even when an influencer expresses their having a bad day and is actually living in the moment, they are critiqued for doing so, is there even a right way to please our followers?

Just do what you want to do

It’s your platform, its your Instagram and its your creativity, post whatever the heck you want and be happy with your own content, whether it is viewed as being fake. There is no right or wrong way of being an influencer, if everyone’s feed and content looked and sounded the same, how boring would that be. Something really magical has happened over the past few years with social media’s, you can actually earn a living from these and my blog wouldn’t be the same without my Instagram and my Twitter. There’s nothing wrong with having a perfect feed, there is nothing wrong with setting up a flatlay and getting creative with your feed, it doesn’t make you look fake and you should be happy with the content you are uploading!

What are your views on this? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you so much for reading,

Chlo xo

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9 thoughts on “Are Influencers fake?

  1. This is a really positive post on something that is usually a negative subject. I like how honest and real you have been when discussing this, I agree that people sometimes forget they can just not follow someone if they don’t like what they’re seeing. People want to make a bigger deal out of something than it really is, which is so sad and pathetic sometimes. People just need to be mindful of others feelings and just stay in their lane. A brilliant post Chloe!!
    Alex x

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  2. I loved this post, such a good read! People have to remember that Instagram is a carefully curated image, and someone’s page can be beautiful if it’s natural but also there’s nothing wrong with staged pictures!
    Hazel x


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