My one year weight loss journey

A post that I’ve wanted to write for a while but I’ve also put it of because it’s a subject that really touches me is my weight loss journey. For a year now, I’ve been on a weight loss journey and I wanted to write a post all about my yearly journey so I can really see my progress.

I have uploaded quite a lot of content around weight loss, including my 6 month weight loss update, if you’d like to check these out after you’ve read this post, here are the links:

If you’ve never read any of my content before, I think I should give a little background into why I started my weight loss journey and where I started out. Around a year ago just after Christmas I had put a fair bit of weight on, I’m blaming this on Christmas and the fact I was in my first year of university and being able to make food whenever I wanted was a tad overwhelming. I started noticing I’d put on a fair but of weight from being a new blogger and how “big” I looked in my Instagram photo’s. Firstly, I just want to say all sizes are beautiful and you should never want to be someone else, be happy in your own skin! From saying this, I was not happy with my body and I wanted to make a change! When I weighed myself for the first time I was 85 kg which was around 12 stone.

The first few months:

I wont talk about this too much as I’ve explained the first 6 months in my previous post!

In the first few months of my weight loss journey, it was going pretty well, I changed up my diet quite a lot, I added more fruit and vegetables into my diet, before losing weight, I rarely touched a brocolli now their my favourite food. I think the worst part about changing up my diet was the level of restriction I put myself under, In the first month or so I would punish myself if I ate something over 100 calories. At the very start of this journey I became very critical of myself and due to not loving myself at all, I would doubt and hate myself which definitely wasn’t good for my journey. After realising what I was putting myself through, I wanted to make a change to my diet that wouldn’t be as restrictive but also healthy, having a balanced diet is key right?. From saying this, I cut both meat (besides Chicken) and dairy out of my diet, which I’m still living by now!

During my weight loss journey, there was a massive step I had to make and that was cutting out all dairy. This was because whenever I had dairy, more specifically milk, I would feel sick and unwell so I made a change to soy milk which I love so much more than actual milk! The reason I decided to cut out all meat besides Chicken was for both environmental/moral and health reasoning. Around this time, I had watched quite a lot of documentaries on how bad eating meat is for the environment so I decided to cut it out and I would never turn back!

Along with changing up my diet, I started going to the gym pretty frequently. I have progressed so much at the gym, both strength wise and confidence wise. Within the first few months which I felt pretty self conscious, I would feel scared and uncomfortable to run on the treadmill and I’d be scared to lift any weight’s in case I was doing it wrong. I was in a pretty bad mental state at this time and I really wish I didn’t push myself too hard.

Here are some images from the start of my workout journey to 4 months in!

Pretty much after these 4 months things carried out the same routine, I ate pretty much the same and I went to the gym quite regularly. At this point, it was time to move back to my home town for summer where I didn’t have any access to the gym and it wasn’t as easy for me create my own meals. Due to not being able to go to the gym I made sure to walk at least 10,000 steps every day. If you don’t already do this, it’s a great alternative to going to the gym and it burns at least 500 calories! I also made sure to do at least 20 minutes of at home workouts everyday while I couldn’t go to the gym. In terms of food, I ate what I was provided and made sure to eat as health as I possibly could.

Once I got back to university, I was really motivated to kick start my weight loss journey once again and I worked as hard as ever at the gym. I think the time from September to January was where I made the most progress. Here are some images once I got back to university. 

As soon as I came back to university, I weighed myself once again and in the middle of September, I was at 73 kg so I’d lost 12 kg which I’m pretty impressed with. When I got back to university, I was really motivated to try new things at the gym and push myself. I set myself a schedule for each day for different focus points and I feel that was the best decision for my journey. I pushed myself to complete more cardio on an everyday basis, I started by making sure I ran for at least 10 minutes as a warm up.

Making a schedule for my workouts was the best thing I could have done for my weight loss journey. Everyday I was focusing on one aspect of my body and it allowed me to push myself instead of doing little bits of exercises focusing on a number of parts. I also integrated a cheat day into my schedule. this really helps to kick start your metabolism and it allows me to indulge in the foods I love.

Just before going home for Christmas, I weighed myself once again and I weighed 65 kg so I’d lost another 12 kg which I was really proud of as there was only a 2 month difference. Over Christmas I pretty much indulged in some of my favourite foods and had a couple of days of my journey just to restart. Once New Years was over, I challenged myself to go for runs. This was a really big step for me as I have never ran outside before as I was to Anxious but doing so has made me so much happier with exercising. I went for a few runs over Christmas and it was lovely.

Once I got back to university, I went back to the gym and kick started my health kick once again. I weighed myself once again and I was at 60 kg, I was so shocked as I allowed myself a break but I’d lost 5 kg in the process. This was a real break through for me, it allowed me to realise that even if I eat something over 300 calories my weight isn’t going to pile back on and this lesson is something I’m truly thankful for. It is now February 5th and I thought I would tell you the weight I’m at now, I’m finally at 58 kg which was my goal weight and I’m so unbelievably happy! I have lost a total of 27 kg in a year and I couldn’t be happier.

I have learnt a lot about myself in this year and one of the best lessons I’ve learnt is that if you truly want something and work for it, your goals will come true. This year has also been hard, I’ve battled with an eating disorder and I became obsessed with losing weight. I hope now I can concentrate on toning my body and starting to love myself in the way I deserve! Here are some now images!

Here are some images side by side just to get the true extent to how my body has changed over this year!

Well, there we have it, my weight loss journey! This post was super hard to write and I got quite emotional writing it. I really hope you’ve enjoyed the read and it has motivated you!

Thank you for reading,

Chlo xo

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