Valentine’s Day gift guide for Him & Her {AD Gifted}

Valentine’s day is just around the corner which means love is in the air. All the pinks, reds and whites are added to the shop windows and valentines deals. Are you on the hunt for the perfect gift for that someone special? or are you looking to treat yourself this Valentine’s day? There’s nothing more special than self love.

There are so many affordable and thoughtful gifts that you could give to that special someone of valentines day. The first thing you’ve got to think of is their interests, are they a lover of sports? beauty and skincare? music? The list is endless but all these gifts are super easy to find if you know the right place to look.

For today’s post, I have put together some of my favourite gifts you could give to him or her on Valentine’s day. Are you struggling on what to get your significant other for Valentine’s day, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! I’ve divided this into sections to make it easier.

*Some of the products featured in this post have been kindly gifted to me, I am very thankful for being sent these items to show you, in no way does this change my opinion about the product, I will always tell my honest opinion. An * will be presented next to the products that have been gifted to me. I have only mentioned items that I love and would purchase myself. I have not been paid to talk about any of these product’s in this post. 

Beauty and Skincare

Something I think every loved one would love to receive is beauty and skincare! You can’t put a gender on feeling good! Something that I thought would be perfect for Valentine’s day would be gift sets! A company that I’ve been in love with for years now is Lush and I know so many other people do to! They have put out some really affordable and beautiful gift sets out for Valentine’s day and I know they would make the perfect gift for your loved one! I know it’s going to be something I purchase for my boyfriend this Valentine’s day! Bomb Cosmetics is an alternate place to get some lovely bath bombs for a more affordable price! They have some really lovely designs, especially for Valentine’s day!

Another gift set that would make the perfect gift for Valentine’s day is the one from Rosinas Lotions Potions. This was kindly gifted to me and I couldn’t wait to share it with you! This gift set retails at £47 however you can’t but a price on love! The gift set comes with a huuuge rose scented candle which smells devine, an oil and a face mask.

Another product that would make the perfect Valentine’s day gift is a Makeup bag, is your loved one obsessed with makeup but needs some storage? A makeup bag would be perfect and there are so many affordable one’s available. One place I’d really recommend is Primark, Primark literally have anything possible which would a perfect present.

Is your significant other a lover of Makeup or Skincare? Purchasing them a product they’ve wanted to try for ages makes a perfect gift! Both Superdrug and Boots are my go too’s when it come’s to makeup as you can’t find so many brands in the same place, which makes it so much easier to find a product, especially if you know nothing about makeup yourself!

Personalised gifts

If you were a reader of blogmas, you would know that I’m a fond lover of a good ol’ personalised gift. I feel that any gift can be made special if it’s personalised and it also shows you put in that little bit of effort. Something I really love about personalised gifts are that they are super unique to the person your gifting products to!

A website that I would 100% recommend for personalised gifts is Vanilla Reindeer. I was kindly *gifted some of their products and I’m super impressed with their quality! Want to get some chocolates for your loved one? or some wine but want a lovely box to put it in? Vanilla Raindeer is the place. The website is really easy to use and it is super easy to personalise your chosen products. I was super impressed with the quality of the items and I would definitely recommend shopping through their site! Something I find super impressive is that they also delivery straight to your loved one so if you want to surprise them on Valentine’s day, you can through Vanilla Raindeer.

A Card

Something I always forget when it comes to Valentine’s day is a card. A card is one thing that would mean most over any present! If my boyfriend was to just buy me a card for Valantines day I’d be over the moon, especially if it’s personalised! Moonpig are a really good brand to get so many personalised cards at such an affordable price! Another place I’d really recommend is Etsy for some really affordable and unique cards you can’t find on the high street! A shop on Etsy I’ve been loving and would be perfect for unique Valentine’s day cards is Smidge and Smudge.The owner of smidgeandsmudge kindly *gifted me 4 of their cards to show you! I am extremely obsessed with the llama one as I’m a huuuge llama lover! Their cards retail at £2.50 and they have suuuper fast delivery!

Another item that would be perfect for a Valentine’s day gift would be a personalised book.


Eating chocolate throughout the year is amazing but eating chocolate on Valentine’s day is a bonus! If your looking to buy your loved one something that really shows you know them, confectionery is the best way to go! A place I’d really recommend for chocolate is Thorntons. I was scrolling through their personalised chocolate gifts for Valentine’s day and they have so much to choose from, ranging from a milk chocolate heart and some gift sets!

Alternatively, I know a lot of people can’t have dairy like myself or they are Vegan and vegetarian, I know it’s not Valentine’s themed but they do some lovely dairy free chocolate at Moofree chocolate.


A very special present you could give to your significant other are flowers. Their’s nothing more romantic than being gifted flowers or purchasing them for yourself, loving yourself and all that. There are so many different sites to purchase flowers but one I specifically love is Apple yard flowers.  I was kindly *gifted a beautiful bouquet and I was honestly so shocked. They really put thought and effort into there arrangements and that really does show beauty in flowers. This site is really easy to use and they have so many beautiful flowers available, suitable for more occasions than Valentine’s day!


Is there anything more Valentine’s day than lingerie? Purchasing someone lingerie can definitely make the perfect gift, especially if you get it right. Personally, I’d love to receive lingerie for Valentine’s day as it’s something I don’t typically go out and purchase myself and I think that’s what you want when it come’s to a present. Their are so many lovely places to get lingerie your significant other will love or even to purchase for yourself to make you feel good! These are: Primark. BouxAvenue and Ann Summers. all of these brands range in prices but lingerie makes a women feel good so can you really put a price on that?

A Romantic trip away/Something Romantic

Sometimes, you really don’t need to spend money to have a nice time! If you are a couple that really just enjoys each others company and both love cooking, why not work together to make a meal and have a romantic dinner date at home. Personally, I’d love this because it is so much more romantic than going out for a meal. Another amazing idea for you Travel couples is take an inexpensive trip away, even if it’s for a couple of days. Expedia and Ryanair are some really good sites to book a really inexpensive trip. Or if you wan’t to stay in the UK, the world is your oyster and you can go anywhere by car, coach or train. Booking a hotel just outside the city your going to is the most inexpensive way to go away.

Accessories & Jewellery

If you have a significant other who loves accessories, your options are endless. A bag, makeup bag, passport holder, purse/wallet and jewellery. There are so many stores and options when it comes to buying accessories and jewellery and in my opinion, there the easiest gifts to purchase, only if you know your significant other reaaaally well. Jewellery can be really personalised and unique to an individual and that’s what I really love. Primark is a really good store when it comes to accessories because they almost sell everything at such affordable prices. Warren James is one of the most affordable jewellery stores I know, you can definitely get some right bargains. Alternatively, if you want to treat yourself or your significant other Pandora is the place to go. Pandora have some really lovely pieces at the moment especially for Valentine’s day!

Purfume & Candle’s

Purfume and Candle’s make the perfect present any time of the year so why not treat your significant other to some Purfume they’ve always wanted. Purchasing Purfume’s and Candle’s can be quite tricky if you don’t know what your looking for, this is because everyone has their preferences so it would be a good idea to either let them choose it out for themselves or be sneaky and have them smell all the Purfumes and Candles within a shop. is perfect for Purfume’s, it’s kind of clear by the name, they have a huge variety of purfume’s to choose from. Yankee Candle is the best place to purchase really affordable and lovely scented candles. Diptyqueparis is an alternative if you want to splash the cash.

All the brands linked and talked about do not know I am featuring them and have not asked me to talk about them. I have not worked with any of these brands personally. I have put an *gifted next to any products that have been sent to me for the pure purpose of this post! I have not been paid for the publication of this post and all opinions are my own. I have linked stores to help people when it comes to finding gifts, not for any other purpose.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you find this helpful!

Chlo xo

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