How to be more productive and get sh*t done

I know I can’t be the only one who has set goals this year to get more productive and get more stuff throughout 2019. Something I’ve been trying to do throughout the start of 2019 is become more productive so I can get sh*t done. Sometimes it’s all fun lying in bed all day watching the latest show in Netflix and deny our responsibilities but there are days we actually have to get out of bed and get sh*t done. I can admit, I do find this quite difficult. I thought it would make a good ol’ post to express the ways in which I stay productive. I have been able to come up with 6 tips on how you can get productive and get some sh*t done.

As I’m in my second year of university, I’ve been drowning in assignments and exam stress so it’s been important to balance everyday life with the stress of university. As there are 16943 other things I’d rather be doing than writing a lab report, it has got to be done and an extent of motivation is needed to get this done. Here are my accumulation of tips on how you yourself can get more productive.

Make a to-do list every morning

Something I find that really works is making a reasonable to-do list every morning before starting anything. This gives you a clear outlook on what you need to do throughout the day and it helps with organising your time to different tasks. I can admit that I can feel quite overwhelmed when I know I need to get a lot done but making a list makes it so much easier and sometimes, there are less tasks you need to complete than you initially thought.

When it comes to to-do lists, it’s important to make them realistic and reasonable. Setting yourself 20 tasks to complete within a day is mere impossible, unless your awake for 24 hours so make sure to state the most important tasks and if there’s a lot, then spread them out over the next couple of days. This also stops you from rushing your tasks and not completing them to the best of your ability. Being realistic is also key. completing an assignment will not take 30 minutes, it will take a few hours over the next couple of days so be realistic with the tasks you incorporate into your list as some tasks take a long time and some take no time at all.

Take time for yourself, don’t just sit there and write for the whole day

Research suggests that a person can not concentrate on a particular task for no longer than 2 hours. Taking time out for yourself is so important. If you go to the gym, go or if you want to spend time with family and friends then do so. Restricting yourself from doing particular activities because you have a lot to do will not motivate you to complete them.

Taking 2 hours out of your day to go to the gym can really help with productivity. I’m one of those individuals who go to the gym everyday, not that everyone should, it’s just personal preference and it’s something I really like to invest time into. When going to the gym I come up with more idea’s and it refreshes my mind making me more productive when it comes to ticking of my tasks when I’m home. Also make sure to eat, there is nothing worse than running out motivation and energy due to lack of food, never overwork yourself.

Tidy workplace, tidy mind

I think a lot of people can agree with this, there’s nothing worse than working in an environment where it’s untidy, the saying does say ‘tidy workplace, tidy mind‘ so before getting down to business, have a tidy up of the desk or if your working in your room, give it a quick lean and this will make you feel so much better and will make you way more productive.

Focus on one thing at a time

It can get quite boring focusing on one task at a time and feeling like your not getting anything done but focusing on one thing at a time is the best thing you can do. I know this is easier said than done as some tasks can take up to 8 hours but something that would really help with this is breaking these tasks down and taking short breaks in between so you don’t feel quite so overwhelmed.

Turn of your mobile phone

One of the main ways to get productive and focus on the tasks at hand is switching of your phone and putting it aside for a few hours. This may sound easier said than done as everyone is glued to their phones but this can be the most effective way of getting sh*t done and fast. Something I’m trying to do throughout 2019 is spend less time on my phone as iOS has now updated and allows you to see how long you spend on your phone and my results were shocking so I wanted to change up my act and spend less time on my phone.

Clearing your mind and getting productive is something I tend to accomplish when I’m not on my phone. Spending time reading a book can be so beneficial and is definitely something I want to incorporate into my everyday routine.

Here are my 5 tips on how you can get productive and get sh*t done, let me know in the comments if you yourself use any of these tips!

Thank you for reading!

Chlo xo

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5 thoughts on “How to be more productive and get sh*t done

  1. Great ideas! Motivation is something I really need to work on, especially throughout these Winter months. It’s so easy to just curl up in bed with Netflix. Definitely going to try some of these, thank you for sharing lovely x

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