Travelling Europe: 48 hours in Disneyland, part 1

Hey, hi, it feels like ages since I’ve actually sat down and wrote a post as I’ve had quite a lot scheduled and I’ve been super busy with university but I thought it was about time to sit down and write some content! What better way to do this than writing about my 48 hours in Disneyland. This was a trip I’ll always remember and I couldn’t wait to share my experience with you! I’ve split the posts into two because both days we were in Disney were jam packed so I don’t want one post to be 38894 words long. Part 2 will be going up tomorrow at 9AM. As I’d never been to Disneyland before, I definitely had some catching up to do.

First of all, I just want to run through the journey and how we got their etc. So, a few weeks prior to the trip, we had been searching for a trip to Disneyland for a while but we didn’t have any luck due to the price but we saw a coach service that included 2 nights in a Disney hotel and 2 days in the park for only £198 which I thought was an absolute bargain if you ask me. The coach took around 14 hours which feels like a long time but if your going to end up in Disney, I’m sure it doesn’t matter! The hotel we stayed in was Santa Fe which I actually loved because of how themed it was!

We got to the hotel around 9AM so we thought we would have a walk round and go to Disney Village before it closes. I got really excited because in one of the Restaurants when you walk into Disney loads of characters such as Minnie and Mickey were in there and I couldn’t wait to get into the park! We had a walk round and then we sat by the canal outside of Disney Village.

Once we woke up I got ready as soon as possible and then we headed to extra magic time and I can’t explain how excited I was. We walked through Disney Village once again just because we thought it would be the easiest entrance into the park and we got some breakfast from McDonald’s of course.

Once we actually got into the park I was over excited and really wanted to see the castle because there’s nothing more beautiful in Disney than the castle! As a blogger I obviously had to go and take some photos outside the castle and as I’m a perfectionist we were there for around half an hour!

We decided to go and have a look around the whole park and see what rides we wanted to go on and see if we could see any characters. The first thing we did was go and meet Mickey Mouse, what better way to start the trip than going to meet the mouse himself. It was so lovely meeting Mickey Mouse and it was so cute because he noticed my dress which he loved! The park had only just opened so their wasn’t much of a line which was really good, it didn’t really prepare me for the rest of the trip!

We then thought we’d start off with an easy ride so we went on it’s a small world and I thought I’d find it really annoying but it was actually really fun so we wont on it 3 times in total! We also went on the Buzz light year ride which was so much fun even though I lost against my boyfriend multiple times, I just couldn’t get the hang of it!

When we go out of both the rides, we headed back towards the castle and we saw Winnie the Pooh in the distance, I was obviously excited and ran to wait in the queue. When I was a child I was obsessed with Winnie the Pooh so meeting Winnie was a highlight of the trip!

When we’d met Winnie, we decided to go and have another look around Main Street and have a look in some of the shops. I told myself I wasn’t going to purchase anything when we went to Disney but I ended up picking up a Disney castle pin and some post cards which started up my collection, I also brought something else which I will show you in tomorrow’s post!

It was quite later now and around 2 hours so we thought we’d get some food which was very expensive. We decided to eat at Caseys which I’ve wanted to eat in for ages and the food was gorgeous but very overpriced I must admit. We then went and brought more badges and then waited for the parade which I was so excited about and I still have the song in my head. I’ll be uploading some photo’s from the parade in tomorrow’s post!

After the parade we decided to go back on it’s a small world and the buzz Lightyear ride before the best part of the trip, the fireworks. I’ve watched parts of the fireworks on people’s vlogs and I’ve always cried but I was never expecting how much I would cry throughout the whole firework display.

After the fireworks, we decided to walk back to the hotel and have a chill as we were walking all day and decided to watch a Disney film. Before it closed, we then took a walk to Disney Village and have another look in the shops as it was our last full night before we had to leave!

Then we went back to the hotel and pretty much fell straight to sleep. Part 2 of the 48 hours in Disneyland will be going up tomorrow at 9, thank you so much for reading and I really hope you enjoyed reading as much as I loved writing it!

Chlo x

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6 thoughts on “Travelling Europe: 48 hours in Disneyland, part 1

  1. I’m glad you went to Disney for the first time ever!! It is such a cute park, isn’t it? What a bargain you had!! Seems like you had a wonderful time over there xx
    I love the outfit you chose for the first day an can’t wait to read the second part of your trip tomorrow 🙂

    Anaïs |

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