How to Travel Cheap in Europe

Travelling Europe cheap may sound impossible but believe me, its easy if your smart about it. People often ask me how I’m able to travel Europe living as a University student, I got you! Below are some of my favourite cheap ways of travelling Europe and I hope they help you when planning your next trip!

Track flight prices on Skyscanner:

An app that I probably spend way too much time on is skyscanner. It’s an amazing app where you can track prices for different places in Europe and it will show you the cheapest days of the month to fly. This app has been a god send when I’ve been planning my trips and I always get the best deals!

Another important tip to note when tracking flights is book your flights on a Tuesday and DON’T book your flights on a Thursday or a Friday. This is because on a Monday some airlines will drop there prices and then other airlines will try to match them meaning the best prices are always available on a Tuesday! The reason why you shouldn’t book flights on a Thursday and a Friday is because they are so expensive because it is the end of the week!

Take buses when travelling around Europe:

If you are going on a city hop and want to save some cash, I’d highly recommend taking the bus and to save even more cash, travel over night. A bus company I’d highly recommend is flixbus because they are really affordable and also travel over night at such affordable prices. You can also change or cancel your bus for a euro which is affordable when you compare it to any other company, Flixbus is definitely the one to choose for a budget traveller.

I can admit that Flixbus isn’t the nicest or the most comfortable so if your willing to spend a little more cash, here are some other bus companies that get you from A to B; Eurolines and Megabus if your travelling in the UK.

Book through cheap airlines:

An expensive flight and a cheap flight will still get you from A to B so why not go with a cheap airline and save some coin for food. Some very well known cheap airlines include: RyanAir, EasyJet and Jet2.

One thing you should know when your booking through cheap airlines is you always get 100% what you pay for, limited legroom and you have to pay for ALL additional costs like extra baggage and to pick your own seats.

Stay in hostels or Air B&B’s:

Instead of splashing out on a £100 hotel for a night, stay at the safest hostel or Air B&B’s there is. I’d also recommend staying in a hostel near the airport or the train station so that you don’t need to travel much to travel around to your next destination! I’d also recommend staying in a hostel that has a kitchen, this is because it will save you so much money on food, if you go to the local supermarket you can get some affordable food and make it in the kitchen, also take a container so that you can make extra food to have the next day.

Book in advance:

If you are planning on going away in 3 months time it’s probably your best bet to book in advance, it has been said that you will get the best value for money on both transport and accommodation if you book 3 months in advance, so if you want to save the cash, this is the best thing to do. If your planning on going on a summer holiday, it is advised to book 6 months in advance as they are usually sky high if your booking a month before, then again, you could also get late night deals which are always a steal.

Travel with someone:

If you travel as a group or with a friend/partner, this can save you a heap of money, especially on accommodation. If your a solo traveller then just spend the extra cash, it is definitely worth it! Travelling with someone else can save you money on accommodation especially if you share a room, you could also share on transport if there are any buses that cater for groups because this will be so much cheaper than buying for one!

These are all my tips, I hope this will be useful for you when your booking your next trip away!

Chlo xo

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