How to Pack Your Life into a Backpack

Travelling can be very expensive already but spending money on luggage is something you really don’t need to do. Are you going on a city break for 3 days at most? save some cash and use a backpack instead of paying extra to take a suitcase with you. If your anything like me, I’ve taken a suitcase on city breaks before and I’ve packed way more than I actually needed, I’m going to Portugal for 3 days in a couple weeks and I’m challenging myself to only taking a backpack with me.

The backpack I’m going to be taking with me is one I got for £8 in the men’s section of Primark which is actually quite big and roomy. Below I’ve put together a list of things you need to take with you when going on a city break that doesn’t mean you need to take a suitcase with you.


The majority of your backpack will probably consist of clothes, I know mine will be. One good tip is to get all the clothes that you want to take with you and then think realistically if you need all them items and then narrow it down to the most important things you need. Another good tip is to take clothing that you can pair with more than one item because this will save almost half of the room you would have taken up. Also, if your not too fussed about being comfy when flying or getting from A to B, wear the chunky clothing because then you don’t need to jam pack everything in.

Another great tip is to roll up the clothing that you are going to be packing. This will save you so much space and you could definitely fit more items into the backpack in comparison to just folding them normally.

Something I also do when packing is put all my underwear into my socks because it saves so much room and always pack them at the bottom of the suitcase because if security was to open your backpack, they aren’t going to be surprised with your underwear.


For myself, I’m going to be taking makeup and skincare with me which will take up quite a lot of room if I was to take my whole makeup and skincare collection. I’m going to make sure I only take the bare minimum with me and only take the makeup and skincare that I use daily because lets be honest, when your away, you don’t really care what your makeup looks like, you just want to go and explore!

Another great tip would be to always pack travel-sized if you can, especially skincare, this will save so much room and you really don’t need to use a lot of product if your going for a short period of time. Another thing to note is to put all of your liquids into a separate bag to stop spillage and this is a requirement as you go through security so it’s best just to go prepared.


When you go to Europe, you always need to remember a plug converter because they are so expensive to purchase in the airport. You also need to remember your phone charger because it would be horrible if you weren’t able to take gorgeous images while your exploring! You may also want to take your laptop which I wouldn’t advise because it would take up so much room especially as you need to take the charger. I’d recommend putting all the electricals in a separate pocket so it makes it easier when your going through security.


Obviously your going to need to bring the documents that your going to need. As your going to Europe, your obviously going to need your Passport and tickets for the transport your using. I’d highly recommend putting all these documents in the front pocket of your backpack but if your extra cautious, I’d also recommend buying a small padlock so there isn’t any stress about these documents being stolen.

Use up all the space

If you have any room left in the backpack, fill it up because there is no point leaving something important at home. If you have packed everything you can possible think of needing, save some room for the things you are going to be bringing back because you can’t go on a trip and not purchase anything.

These are all the tips I have for you boys and gals, let me know in the comments if you have any more tips that I could use myself when I’m on my trip!

Chlo xo

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