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Summer is coming up and so are the holidays that I’m unbelievably excited about! I’m going to Portugal in a few weeks and I’m definitely going to be using these holiday essentials before I leave! For this post I thought it would be an amazing idea to give you a haul of all the products I was gifted and then I’m going to tell you how I’m going to use all these products before I go away on my summer hols! 

I just want to say a massive thank you to Chemist UK for sending my these products, I’m really excited to get my golden tan on before heading off on my hols.

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Here is a lil haul of all the products I was kindly gifted:

  • St Moriz Professional gradual golden gold tanning moisturiser
  • St Moriz Advanced pro Exfoliating skin primer
  • St Ives Blemish control Apricot scrub
  • Gilette Venus snap razor
  • Moisturising Foot socks
  • Jessica nail varnish in pink and blue

The night before I go on my hols in April I’m going to make sure I use all the St Moriz products along with my St Moriz tan which I purchased myself! The first product I’m going to use is the Exfoliating skin primer to get rid of any dry skin and it will make it so much easier to apply my tan and so their are less streaks in my tan. I will then apply my St Moriz tan and I’m going to take the tanning moisturiser on my hols so that I can top up my tan while I’m there and I will also apply this to my face as everyone knows tan always comes off the face faster than the body!

Something I will also use before applying my tan is the use the snap razor which I’m really excited to use. It’s perfect for travelling and it comes with 5 heads which is perfect! It is also so perfect for travelling because it is so compact and easy. It is also an obvious must to have smooth skin when your wearing dresses and bikinis while on holiday!

I’ve heard mixed reviews about the St Ives Blemish control Apricot scrub, I’ve heard people say that it is really rough on the skin but I didn’t really see that as a problem, it smells gorgeous and I’m going to continue to use it until my hols so that I can clear up my skin as much as possible.

I’ve never actually tried a moisturising foot sock but I’m actually pretty excited to test it out! I’ll definitely be using it before I leave because I’ll probably wear flip flops when I’m walking to and from the hotel. I’m then also going to use the nail varnishes I was given, I’ve picked up one of these before and their such good quality and I think their only 50p which is awesome.

I hope you enjoyed the read, whats your holiday essential? Have you got any trips planned ?

Chlo xo

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  1. The St.Moriz primer/exfoliate is amazing!! It genuinely makes me feel like I’m at the beach lol! And Venus snap razors are so conveineint! 💕💕

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