Spring Skincare Routine 2019, featuring Dermalogica

We are well and truly in Spring now and this is the reason where my skin is always dry and red from the sun. I haven’t updated you on my skincare routine in a while so I thought I would give you an update on my Spring skincare routine! This is also in collaboration with Dermalogica that kindly gifted me some products to test out and give you my opinion! I’ve been holding of this post for a while because I’ve wanted to give all the products a really good test. I’ve had some of these products for almost 2 months so I think I’ve got a pretty good idea which products work for my skin or not!

I just wanted to say before we start that I’m unbelievable thankful to Dermalogica for sending me all of these products and even though these products have been kindly gifted to me, all opinions are my own! This post is also not a paid promotion!

Firstly, I’m going to give you a quick overview of all the products I’ve kindly been gifted:

  1. Daily Microfoliant- This product really interested me as I’d never seen a product like this before and I was super excited to give it a go. link
  2. Special cleansing gel- I’m always on the look out for a great cleanser and this definitely works for my skin! link
  3. Prisma protect SPF 30- I’ve been looking for a new SPF moisturiser so this works perfectly! link
  4. Skin smoothing cream- another amazing moisturiser! link
  5. Redness relief essence- This is one of the products I received a couple of weeks a go and I thought it would be perfect for my skin! link
  6. Super sensitive shield SPF 30-link

After washing my face with my facial wash, I will go in and use the daily microfoliant, when using this product, you need to add the powder to some water and mix it together to make a facial scrub and it feels so much better on the skin as it feels so natural because your not using an already made facial scrub that may have some un-natural ingredients. I’ve been loving this product after a day of wearing makeup all day, it really helps to get rid of all the left over makeup on my skin.

I will then go in with the special cleansing gel to wash all the scrub, I also use this in the mornings to get rid of any dirt on my face from the night before, this also really helps to wake me up in the morning! It just doesn’t feel right to not wash my face before putting my makeup on! This cleanser definitely has some smoothing properties as my face and neck always seem so smooth once I’ve used it!

For my toner, I will go in and use the redness relief essence which I’ve only been testing out for a couple of days but it’s definitely been helping with my redness. Being a ginger has its many disadvantages when it comes to skin and one of those is redness, I’ve been applying this onto my face and neck with a cotton pad and I haven’t seen any change as of yet but I’m really looking forward to seeing the improvement it’s going to make in the long run.

I would then go in and use one of the moisturisers, I interchange which one I use everyday just because I wanted to test them all out equally. One of my favourites has got to be the Prisma protect because it one protects my skin from the sun and two, it keeps my skin so smooth! I’d highly recommend this one if your going to purchase any of them! I do really love the other two moisturisers, I use the super sensitive shield when I don’t need that much moisture in my skin and then I will use the skin smoothing cream generally in the mornings because it works so well under makeup!

Whats your favourite Dermalogica product?

Thank you for reading,


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