Travelling Europe: Visiting Portugal/Algarve Part 1

Hey, it’s me again, I’m finally back from my break once again! I’m so sorry for the prolonged break, it really wasn’t meant to last this long! The reason for this break was because I had so many assignments and exams and I just couldn’t juggle blogging as well. Today I’m back with an exciting post all about my trip to Portugal in Easter, it was so lovely and was definitely a well deserved break!

As with every trip, I thought I would tell you all about my trip and what we got up to etc because I know I love reading these types of blog posts! This is going to be a two part post as are all of my other travel posts just because we travelled round to two different places. If your new to my blog, please give me a follow because it would be greatly appreciated, now let’s get straight into it!

So we travelled over to Portugal on the 25th from Manchester airport and it was such a lovely flight, I’m definitely getting so much better when it comes to flying which is great! We didn’t get to Faro until 8 in the evening so we didn’t really get up to much besides travel to the hotel which was lovely and so affordable! We stayed in the Rialgarve hotel, it was very minimal but it was super lovely especially for a couple of days!

The following morning we walked to central Faro and I was definitely excited to visit all the places I’d listed on one of my lastest post about my Faro bucket list! The first thing we did when we got there was grab some breakfast and of course we went to the trusty Mcdonalds which was an absolute bargain, I got some pancakes for a euro and six chicken nuggets were one a euro also, please can they bring this price to the UK please? We then travelled over to the cathedral which was beautiful, especially from the inside, something to note when visiting Faro is you have to pay to go in all the museums but its only like two euros so it really isn’t a lot! There was such an amazing view from the terrace but it was super windy!

The chapel blew me away, it was so beautiful and it had so much history, there was something really warm about being in the chapel and it was lovely to just sit there for a while and just take a moment to appreciate it. Additionally, there was also a chapel of bones which was super interesting to look at, it was so different to anything I’d seen before and it was so fun reading around it!

We then went to a museum that explained quite a lot of the history of Faro and it was super interesting and there was so much to see! There was some beautiful paintings there and I could have looked at them all day because they were so different and original!

Later on into the day we went to the shopping centre which was the most beautiful shopping centre I ever did see! We did a lil bit of shopping and I fell in love with so many clothing, I also fell in love with a shop called Lefty and it was super affordable and I wanted to pick up everything! Once we had finished up shopping, we went and picked up some food, there wasn’t much to choose from so we picked up a pizza which was also super affordable compared to the UK!

We then got an Uber over to Faro beach because I couldn’t come here without going to the beach, it was so lovely going to the beach for the first time this year, I’m such a beach baby and I’m always happiest when I’m within touching distance of the beach! We sat around for a few hours and it was so lovely to watch the sun go down!

We then went back to the hotel and just chilled for a few hours! Tomorrow I’m going to be uploading a post all about the other city we travelled down to which I’m still blown away by!

Thank you so much for reading,

Chlo xo

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