Travelling Europe: Visiting Portugal/Algarve Part 2

Here is the second instalment of me visiting Portugal and this one is super exciting because we hopped on a train to Lagos and I was mind blown. If you haven’t had a read of my previous post outlining what I got up to on the first day in Portugal, here is the link if you’d like to check it out:

On the second day of being in Portugal, we decided we wanted to visit another city and I’d heard such great things about Lagos so I thought it would be amazing to go there by train. We had a look at the train times beforehand so that we didn’t miss it, it was actually so affordable, especially for a 2 hour train journey, it was only 13 euro where in the UK it would have probably been £30. If you didn’t know, I travelled with my boyfriend so if I say we multiple times it’s because it was both me and my boyfriend!

We got the train at around half 9 and we got there just before 11 which was pretty good timing especially for how far Lagos was from Faro. Unfortunately, it had been forecast to rain all day but we were actually really lucky because it only rained a few times which is way better than it raining all day!

When we got there, we immediately wanted to get food because we forgot to have breakfast before leaving, we of course headed to our trusty old Mcdonalds because where else do I eat when I’m abroad and got some breakfast. We then headed back to the central and headed towards the beach. I’d seen so many images on google about Lagos and I definitely was not disappointed, I was mesmerised and I really did not want to leave. It was so much fun walking through the different parts of the beach, at this point, it did start raining quite heavy but we just sat on the beach with our umbrella and just took in the view. Once it had stopped raining we of course took some photos because the gram is obviously a priority! We continued to walk to the furthest point that we could because the tide was starting to come in pretty quick in some areas so we headed back to the main beach and sat on the rocks for a bit while planning on what we were going to do next!

Once we got here, it started to rain again so we decided we would take a walk through the central and see if there were any shops that we could go into. Lagos wasn’t like Faro in the aspect of it having a huge shopping centre, it just had some small shops that reminded me of the shops you have when you go to a beach. There was a massive superstore on the side of the road so we popped into there to pick up some snacks before we headed over to the main beach, it was weird because it is divided by a bridge that takes you over to the other side!

Once we got to the other side we spent the majority of our left over time on the beach eating snacks and taking in the view, I spent quite a lot of time on the sea because I’m such a beach baby and it was so lovely to just sit down and have some down time as we’d been so busy for the past couple of weeks. After a couple of hours it was time to get the train back to Faro, I was definitely very tired after a full day but it was so lovely!

The next day we went back to Faro beach for a few hours before getting our flight back to the UK! It was so lovely to get a break from everything for a while! I really hope you enjoyed this post, please leave some recommendations below on what you would like to see from me in the next couple of weeks!

Thank you so much for reading,

Chlo xo

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