Eight Simple Ways to Become More Eco-Friendly

Becoming more eco-friendly has been something on my agenda for almost a year now and I’m always looking for new ways to be more conscious about the environment and making a small difference. All the tips that I’m going to mention in this post are all something that I do on a daily basis and can be modified to your lifestyle.

Before I get started, I just wanted to mention why you should become Eco-friendly. When I first started becoming eco-friendly I always felt that me as one individual is not going to save the planet but a lot of research has proven that the littlest helps even if it is just a small change! So, reason number one is a pretty obvious one, to save our planet. A statistic that I found through Plastic Statistic showed:

It is now believed that there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean. Of that mass, 269,000 tons float on the surface, while some four billion plastic microfibers per square kilometer litter the deep sea.

– Plastic Statistic 2018

Shoppers worldwide are using approximately 500 billion single-use plastic bags per year.

– Plastic Statistic 2018

If you want to have a read of this article, I have linked it above because I think it is really important to be educated about the amount of plastic that is found a wasted each year!

Another reason is to stop animal cruelty and to stop animal extinction. I have seen articles recently about fish being found with heaps of plastic which could potentially be the cause of death for so many animals in the ocean. Approximately 90 billion animals are killed a year for human consumption and it is harming the environment!

Now, I’m going to get into the 10 tips for becoming more Eco-friendly and the ways you can do this easily!

Swap Plastic for Alternatives

Do you use plastic bottles on an everyday basis? Do you purchase a new one everyday and using it is single use plastic? I would 100% invest in a Stainless steel water bottle, not only does it keep your water colder for longer but it also saves you money on buying plastic on the daily. Amazon and Chilly’s bottles have some really nice bottles that come in so many different designs. I have also seen so many high street stores selling them so the options are endless.

You may be thinking that 5p or 10p isn’t a lot for a plastic bag so you continue to re-purchase a plastic bag every time you go shopping but if you add it up over the year, it could come up to around £5 which you could have saved if you purchase a re-usable bag. They are so much more ideal and there is a small chance of them breaking if you have something heavy unlike a plastic bag.

Eat Veggie or Vegan for a Day each Week

I’m not going to be a person that asks you to become veggie or Vegan because I know it is a dramatic change. I have been veggie for a year now and it took me a while to transition into not eating meat, maybe you could have a day in the week where you don’t eat any meat or dairy because every little helps. Even though it is not a massive change in your diet it is still going to make a difference towards limiting the amount of animals that are killed each year, it is also proven that meat is bad for you in so many different ways!

Limit the Amount of Food Waste

It has been proven that many stores put best before dates that aren’t correct. Producers have to put best before dates on meat/dairy/eggs/bread as they could be potentially dangerous to eat if you are eaten past that date but things like veggies and fruit you are able to eat them after the best before date and they won’t be dangerous. When they are eaten past the best before date they aren’t as fresh as they would be if they were eaten before but they are still safe to use and just as tasty so just keep that in mind if you are ever throwing unused food away!

Recycle Everything

Does it have the words recyclable on it? Then recycle it! It is so much better for the environment instead of just throwing it away! There are so many different reasons to why you should recycle, I have found an article that is really interesting and gives the reasons very clearly, here is the link if you would like to have a read of it!

Turn it off

There is nothing more easy than turning things off when they are not in use. Are you using the TV? no? turn it off. Do you need the light on during the day? no? turn it off. It’s as simple as that but it can make a huge impact on the environment if you do it! Switching things off when they are not in use simply saves you money on electricity but it also limits the amount of electricity that needs to be produced.

Have your food shop delivered

It has been suggested that having your food shopping delivers limits the amount of vans that need to go to one supermarket to deliver the products, this is because only one van is needed to drop off your shopping and it stops you from driving! It also limits the amount of shopping you purchase because it will limit impulse shopping which in turn leaves unused food.

Re-use clothing instead of purchasing it new

I’ve wrote a whole separate post on how re-using clothing is so important, especially limiting the contribution to fast fashion. Here is the link if you want to have a read once you’ve finished this one! I shop the majority of my wardrobe from Depop and Ebay but I also purchase second-hand clothing from the charity shop because there is always a chance of finding a gem that you will not find online!

Buy Cruelty Free products

I know this is something that has come into effect over the past couple of years by so many Beauty brands and I think it is very important to only purchase beauty products that are cruelty free. This is quite easy now because so many of the items are but it is always worth a quick check before purchasing!

Here is the list of tips on how you can become more Eco-friendly, I really hope this helps you!

Thank you for reading!


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