A Hair Care Routine for Damaged Hair

{Some of the items in this post were kindly gifted to me, however, all the opinions are my own, if you have any questions about the products, please leave a comment below}

I wouldn’t necessarily call my hair ‘damaged’ but I would say that my hair does need some TLC every once in a while. Even though I have never dyed or bleached my hair, I do have history of using quite a lot of heat on it without using heat protectant which I do regret.

I think there is a lot of thought out there that you don’t need to have a so called hair care routine similar to a skincare routine but I do think it is very important to take care of your hair every once in a while.

I also think it is important to use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair! I’m that person that usually pops into Superdrug and picks up the cheapest possible but I have recently started using a new duo that I am in love with and is perfect for my hair!

I usually wash my hair every two days, this is because I am very prone to getting greasy hair in a very short time period which I dearly hate. If you aren’t prone to getting greasy hair, then I’d recommend only washing your hair every four days, this is because it keeps all the essential oils within your hair.

The Shampoo and Conditioner that I’ve been using for a couple of weeks is the SOS Hair Repair range from Andrew Barton Professional {These items were kindly gifted to me by the Press Team at Andrew Barton but all opinions are my own} I’ve been really enjoying this range because whenever I have washed my hair, it is always left feeling restored and silky which is amazing! They also have a few more ranges in there collection which I’d love to give a try, these include: Protect my colour, smooth that frizz and Full-on Volume. They also offer a range of other products if you’d like to give them a look, these items can be purchased on Spa at Home and all the products are really affordable!

Now for when my hair is in some need of some TLC, there are a range of products that I’ve been using in rotation. I will usually use a hair mask of some sort and I will usually do this every week and a half up to two weeks because I don’t want to over do it! Within the SOS hair repair range they also have a hair mask which one smells gorgeous but two does wonders for my hair, it leaves my hair feeling silky for weeks! Another mask I’ve been using for a few months is one I got from Superdrug which is the TRESemme Reconstructing Deep conditioning treatment which I always use at least two times a month because it is quite heavy on the hair but it is so good! I would 100% recommend this if you have damaged hair!

As I previously said, I never used to use heat protectant but I made it my goal to always use heat protectant whenever I am adding heat to my hair and it has really changed the condition of my hair! The one I’ve been using is one from VO5 which does the job nicely. On a similar note, on the days where I haven’t washed my hair, I always use dry shampoo to give a my hair some volume which it really lacks sometimes, the one I have been obsessed with is the Soap and Glory Dry Shampoo which I really like because it doesn’t leave any white powder in my hair, it also gives a beautiful scent!

And ta da! That is my hair care routine! I really hope you enjoyed having a look into my hair care routine!

Thank you for reading!


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