A Trip to Bournemouth

~This post is in Collaboration with National Express and Includes Payment and Gifted tickets~

Travelling more of the UK was one of the many things I placed on my 2019 bucket list when I did this, I made sure to write a few places down that I hadn’t yet visited and made it my mission to visit these places before the end of the year. When I was given the chance to collaborate with National Express, I jumped at the opportunity. I’d just like to say a massive thank you to National Express for gifting me and my boyfriend the tickets!

National Express are the largest coach service in the UK who travel to more than 900 destinations, including some places in Europe. I have used National Express many times, I use them mainly when I am travelling to the airport as they drop you off directly outside of the terminal which is really handy and so much cheaper than getting a train. When I was having a nosy on their site, I noticed so many destinations were only a grand total of £5 or less and you really can’t go wrong with that price can you?

When National Express asked me to pick a destination, I chose Bournemouth as I’d heard so many things and I heard they had so many things to do. We decided to get a hotel so we could extend the trip, we stayed with Premier Inn which is always my go to hotel whenever I am travelling around the UK! I think it was only £20 each which was great!

We travelled from Stoke-on-Trent which is kind of near Manchester for reference. Our journey on the way there took around 7 and a half hours to get to which would be around 5 hours by car. On the route home, it actually took around 9 hours but that was because there was a big wait time for the joining coach and there was a break in between the stops so I’m not really complaining. They were both split up by mini pit stops to stretch your legs and grab a bite to eat which is very much needed.

Even though the journey was quite long, you may be thinking, are the seats comfortable enough for a hour journey? yes that are, there are so comfy and if your anything like me, it is comfy enough to get a quick nap in. Something I think is really important when travelling is having somewhere to charge your electrical items which National Express does so I was able to get some blog posts written!

So your probably wondering what we got up to while we were in Bournemouth? We arrived in Bournemouth around half 2 so we quickly hopped to the hotel so that we could drop off our bags and then we headed to the beach. Bournemouth probably has the most beautiful beach I’ve seen in the UK. You can’t go to the beach without sitting there for 2 hours eating chips can you? Once we’d eaten we thought we would take a stroll down the coast, something I love about being by the beach are the beach huts, I just think they make that added touch to being by the sea.

We then decided to go and have a nosy at the shops that Bournemouth had to offer, they had a huuuge Zara where I fell in love with so many different pieces. We also went in Primark, H&M and New Look and I picked up some new summer bits.

The following day, the weather was horrible and it wouldn’t stop raining so our first stop was Russell-Cotes Gallery and Museum. For students, we had to pay £4 which I didn’t mind paying because there was actually so much to see and we spend around an hour looking round! I’d 100% recommend visiting the museum if you are planning a trip to Bournemouth! The gardens were so beautiful and I couldn’t help using it as a photo opportunity.

The weather actually brightened up thankfully so the weather was definitely on our side but it was still super windy. As it had stopped raining, we took the opportunity to go on the Pier which I didn’t think was worth the money because their wasn’t much on there but we did get some lovely images. We then had a few hours to kill before our coach home so we thought we would head back to the beach and sat there till we couldn’t bear the wind anymore.

We headed back to the shopping centre to see if there were any shops that we had missed but I didn’t pick up much! Bournemouth also has a lovely park with so many beautiful flowers so we chilled there for a while before heading to Nando’s which was lovely and then we headed back to the coach station for a loooong journey home.

So that is what I got up to on my short and sweet trip to Bournemouth! Thank you again to National Express for gifting us the tickets! I also documented the trip over on my Instagram so if you’d like to see more from me and my everyday life, follow my Instagram.

Thank you so much for reading, have you visited Bournemouth?

~Even though the tickets were gifted and was a paid partnership, all opinions are my own and I would not recommend anything If I didn’t truly love the product. For more information on this, please have a read of my Disclaimer~

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18 thoughts on “A Trip to Bournemouth

  1. Oooh, it is great that you got to go to Bournemouth for cheap! It is great that you got to enjoy the town without spending a fortune. Bournemouth looks gorgeous. I haven’t been before but I wouldn’t mind visiting! Glad you had fun!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me


  2. Bournemouth is definitely one of my top 3 happy places. It’s so relaxing and it’s big enough to find things to do but small enough to not be too overwhelming! The beach itself is definitely one of my favourites in the UK! I’m glad you had a lovely trip and was gifted this by National Express! That’s so cool! You really can’t fault their prices! x

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