5 Things I love About Myself

I’ve seen this a couple of times on my Twitter feed and I thought I would do this myself. On a daily basis, I am always putting myself down for various reasons so I thought I would sit down and give myself some self-love through a post.

If you are reading this, I ask you to write down 5 reasons why you love yourself and get one of your friends or family to do this to, this way we can spread the self-love and give ourselves some confidence! Let me know in the comments if you do this! If you’d like to see more posts from me, please make sure to give me a follow so you don’t miss any of my uploads!

Now let’s get onto the things I love about myself!

I love that I Challenge Myself Daily to be a Better Person & work towards my Dreams.

Everyday I will always challenge myself to do something new and if there is something I find troubling throughout the day I will always challenge that and push through it, this definitely makes me a better person in the long run. This has definitely helped push me through my anxiety and I am definitely better with my anxiety now.

I am also really proud that I work towards my dreams daily and am now able to travel the world. I am also super proud that I work really hard on my blog daily because it is definitely something I want to pursue in the future, I’m just hoping all the hard work pays off!

I Love that I run my own Blog

This may be a really weird thing to love myself for but it has definitely helped me and taught me to love myself more. When I was young I never had anywhere to get my voice heard and when I started my blog, it really helped me get out of my shell and now I have somewhere I can share my interests and concerns in life.

I love me for my Hair

Growing up I have always had mixed feelings towards my hair. If you didn’t know, I was born a red head. When I was young I never necessarily had any judgement on my hair colour but I always had the desire to change it. A few years ago I did dye brown but now, I am totally in love with my hair. I think it gives me so much originality and I love it!

I love me for the fitness journey I have gone through

Something I’ve struggled with over the past couple of years is going through a fitness journey and I am so proud for the person I have became from it. I have so much confidence now and I am so much healthier and I love that I have been strong enough to get through it. It’s been really amazing watching myself grow as a person and push myself to go to the gym when I haven’t had the motivation.

I love my skill at Makeup

When I was around 11, I become really invested in makeup and I was always on the look out for learning new skills. Even though I am not the best at makeup, I think I’m okay and I really love that. I love being able to learn something new every time I create a new makeup look, it is definitely one of my hobbies!

And those are the 5 things I love about myself, what are the 5 things that you love about yourselves?

Published by chloelauren

Hey, Welcome to Chlo Lauren, thank you for visiting my blog, so, let me introduce myself, I’m Chloe who is currently 20 years old who has the aspiration to present all of my interests to others. Apart from writing the occasional blog post, I am currently studying my second year of Forensic Psychology at university and I take photos for Instagram. Chlo Lauren will be a place where I express my love for; Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel. If you would like to get in contact with me for collaborations and PR, please email me at chlolauren@yahoo.com.

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