Testing New Skincare Products

~This post includes some items that have been gifted to myself but this was post was not an obligation so all opinions are my own~

I’ve been planning on writing this for a while so I thought I would put together a post all about testing new skincare products that I’ve purchased or been kindly gifted over the past few months. If any of the products have been gifted, I will let you know throughout the post! Even though some of the items have been gifted, all opinions are my own and will let you know whether it is worth purchasing.

For this, I’m going to be going through my skincare routine and if there is something that I’m testing for the first time, I will let you know! Something I haven’t been using and have been conscious about not using is makeup wipes. This is because some are actually made out of plastic (I bet some of you didn’t know that) so I’ve stopped using them all together and now use cotton wool pads. Something I’ve brought recently are some re-usable cotton pads that you can put into the washing machine when they need to be cleaned which will save you money in the long run and save the amount of waste. Here is the link to the one’s I have that are from Amazon and were only £9.99 for 18.

So as I’ve been using cotton pads, I’ve definitely needed a really good cleanser to take off all my makeup. The one I’ve been using is the *Rose Quartz facial cleanser* by Freshly Cosmetics. This honestly smells gorgeous and it has been beautiful on my skin. I usually apply this to my face and rub it in my face with some water and it works wonders at getting rid of my makeup. I then use a small amount and place it on a cotton pad and massage it into my skin. This helps to get rid of any left over makeup.

I then usually go in with a micellar water which I don’t have anything new. I then usually go in with a toner. I actually have a Toner from Freshly Cosmetics again which is the Purifying Facial Toner. This toner is very different to any other toner I’ve used before, this is because it is very similar to a spray. I usually put this onto another cotton pad and apply this to my face, this makes it easier for the toner to sink into my face. This toner has really smoothed out my skin and it has definitely helped at getting rid of any impurities I may have.

As it’s Summer, I’ve been making sure I use a lot of moisturiser because my face becomes so dry. I was recently sent some products from YesTo which I’ve loved for years and they sent me over there new coconut range which smells gorgeous. They have brought out a moisturising spray which is so refreshing, it has definitely helped with the weather we have been having recently. I use this both morning and night to make sure my skin is hydrated 24/7. I was also sent a hydrating stick which I’ve been using before I apply my makeup because it is very thick but definitely helps to keep my makeup on all day. The coconut smell is definitely a plus. I’d 100% recommend purchasing, especially for this weather!

The last item I wanted to talk about was the new SPF 30 Dermalogica moisturiser. Using SPF during summer is definitely important and is really important for your face. I’ve been using this moisturiser under my makeup and it gives me a piece of mind knowing my skin is protected. This moisturiser also feels gorgeous on my skin and gets rid of all of dry skin.

So, there you go, that is a little sum up of all the skincare I have been testing out recently. I just want to say a massive thank you to all the brands who have sent me products and I always look forward to testing them out!

Thank you for reading! What’s your favourite skincare product at the moment?

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3 thoughts on “Testing New Skincare Products

  1. I love trying new products out. I haven’t heard a ton about Freshly Cosmetics, so I’ll need to check out their line!


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