Travel Europe With Me – Copenhagen/Denmark | Day One

If you aren’t following me on my Instagram, which you should, you wouldn’t know that I recently visited Copenhagen, the happiest place on earth. I definitely fell in love with Copenhagen and I have so much to share about this trip!

We flew there late in the afternoon at around 7 on the 6th July and we came back on the 9th. We were only there for 3 days but I definitely feel like I got to see everything I possibly could. We also travelled down to Malmo on the second day but I’m going to talk about that more in my next post! We stayed in the Cabinn Metro that was right next to the Metro which was the most affordable hotel that we could find but it was only a 5 minute metro ride from the centre.

The first thing we did on the first day was buy our Metro tickets, as we were there for 3 days, we got a 3 day Metro pass which gave us unlimited access to Trains, Metro, Boat and Bus for 200 DKK which was around £24 which I think is very affordable. I’ll talk more about this in my Copenhagen guide in a few weeks! We then got the Metro to Noreport which is the stop for the Nyhavn. This was around a 10 minute walk away from the station. When we got there I was immediately blown away and the colours just made me so happy. We sat on a bench for around an hour just taking in the views and appreciating Copenhagen for what it is!

Something I really wanted to do while I was in Copenhagen was go into The Round Tower. This was 50 DKK per person (around £3) but I would highly recommend this if you are someone who loves a Sky view. Something I look for when I go away is a sky view, I think this is the best way to see the city in all it’s glory and it’s definitely an amazing photo opportunity. There was also some information as you go round which is definitely an amazing touch.

Something I was highly recommended on Instagram when I asked for recommendations was Superkilen Park. Superkilen Park is made up of 3 different areas: the Red area, black area and green area. The red part is full of red and pink brightly coloured swings, the black part is very modern and the green area is full of trees and plants. I’d highly recommend this park if you are visiting Copenhagen!

We decided to head back to the hotel and have some food as we’d done so much already and I had to stop myself from having a nap. We went back out at around 4 PM to explore some more. One place I was really intrigued by when I was researching things to see in Copenhagen was the Free town of Christiana. This is a community that is populated of around 850-1,000 people which is very different to anything I’ve seen. The clue is really in the name, it’s pretty much a free town and there are a lot of interesting things to see when you are there. I especially loved the art work.

One of the most famous things to see in Copenhagen is the Little Mermaid. This was something I was really eager to see. In my whole 19 years I’d never actually been on a boat so we thought we would get a boat over to where the little mermaid is. This was included in our transport ticket and was much faster than getting the metro.

Around the corner from The little Mermaid there was a place called the Kastellet which I found really interesting. This is a memorial and Museum with a park going round it and it was definitely an amazing end to the day. I’d highly recommend this place if you are visiting Copenhagen, it is definitely a hidden gem.

After that, we went back to the hotel and then we slept pretty early because we visited Malmo the next day. I will be uploading my day two on Monday!

Thank you for reading! Have you visited Copenhagen or are you planning a trip to Copenhagen?

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