Travel Europe With Me- Malmo/Sweden | Day Two

On Saturday, I uploaded a Copenhagen post which was day one of our trip. In today’s post, I’m going to be showing you what we got up to on the second day of our trip. As you may be able to tell by the title, we travelled to Malmo for the day. When we were researching things to do when visiting Copenhagen, I saw that quite a lot of people actually travelled over to Malmo for the day, it only cost us £12 return so we couldn’t really not.

I’m going to be talking more about the journey in a separate post so if you are interested, please keep an eye out! If you want to see more travel content from me, please make sure to follow my blog and follow my Instagram for more from me!

We woke up at around 7 as we were getting a Flixbus to Malmo as we found this to be the most affordable way and it only took an hour to get there. Once we got there, we took a walk to Malmo Little Square (Lila Torg). The square is full of little cafe’s and restaurants, there is also a statue with Sweden flags in the middle which is a really nice touch! We actually stopped of to get something to eat while we were here as we hadn’t had anything to eat!

We hadn’t really done much research when we were deciding to go to Malmo but one thing we did know was that there was something called the Turning Torso which we headed to next! The Turning Torso is a futuristic skyscraper within Sweden which is also the tallest building in Scandinavia with 54 stories. Near to the Turning Torso, there was a park that we sat at for around half an hour to take in the view.

After this, we headed to Dania Park which is a 5 minute walk from the turning torso, this is where you can get a beautiful view and you can also get a view of Oresund Bridge. This is the bridge that connects Copenhagen to Malmo. We couldn’t really get close enough to get a really good photo but it was definitely a really nice view coming in and from Malmo.

After taking a stroll around the park, we headed back into the centre and just had a walk around the streets because this is definitely where I find the most beautiful hidden gems. Something I’ve noticed in both Copenhagen and Malmo is pretty much everyone gets round using a bike, this is more known in Copenhagen but it’s definitely something I really enjoyed seeing.

There was so many beautiful buildings as we were walking through Malmo and I was taking photos at every turn!

To end the day off, we walked around a few of the parks and it was bliss. It was definitely a lovely end to the day! We then headed back to Copenhagen!

Thank you so much for reading! Have you visited Malmo?

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  1. It looks SO beautiful here. The older buildings are so stunning and the architecture of that modern skyscraper is incredible! I bet you really enjoyed visiting!

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