Travel Europe With Me- Copenhagen-Denmark Day 3

This is the last instalment of my trip to Copenhagen and this has probably got to be my favourite day! If you haven’t already seen my first day in Copenhagen and what I got up to on my trip to Malmo, here are the links:

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On our third day of Copenhagen it was actually our last day and we were flying home late in the evening so we had a lot planned that we hadn’t saw on the first day. This was probably my favourite day for learning new things about the country! The first thing we did was get all our things together and put it into storage so we didn’t have to lug our backpacks around with us. We then got the Metro into central Copenhagen to go to Christianborg palace.

Christianborg palace was such a beautiful place with so many beautiful architecture. There was a really interesting tour on but we simply didn’t have the time but I’ll definitely be doing it if I go to Copenhagen again. To do all the tours it would cost around 160 DKK which I don’t think is bad for four different tours! We then took a walk outside and there was a beautiful lake to sit by as you come out so we sat round there for a while planning on what we were going to do next.

One of the main things we wanted to do on this day was visit one of the main museums in Copenhagen called the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek and luckily enough on a Tuesday, the museum is free admission so I’d recommend if your on a trip to Copenhagen and your there on a Tuesday, pop into this museum because I fell in love with it. As soon as you walk in there is this beautiful room with loads of palm trees and loads of greenery which I immediately fell in love with! There was also some beautiful art and attractions so if you are near, I’d highly recommend.

Another place we wanted to make sure that we ticked of our list was Stroget. Fun fact- Stroget is the longest pedestrian shopping streets in Europe at 1.1 km so we couldn’t pass it up. Even though we didn’t actually do any shopping, this shopping street is beautiful.

We then went round to Tivoli Gardens because who goes to Copenhagen and doesn’t visit? We didn’t actually go in because it was way to expensive for our budget but it did look very beautiful from the outside. If I do ever go to Copenhagen again, I am definitely going to think about going in.

One place we saw on our first day of Copenhagen was Our saviours Church. When we tried going there on our first day, it was actually closed so we made it our mission to go there on the last day. It was 50 DKK to enter the tower and I definitely found this the most interesting. As you walk through the tower, there are little rooms that have explained history about the tower. In one of the rooms there was a short video that talked you through the history of the church and when the tower was build and it was definitely very interesting.

Going up the tower was actually something that was a struggle to me because I do struggle with heights and even though I didn’t make it to the very top, I did make it up which was a huge accomplishment to me! It was sooo beautiful at the top and I am definitely not over the view!

Once we reached the bottom, we thought we would take a walk through the church, there was so much beautiful architecture and I definitely felt at peace when I was walking through. We sat down for a while and thought about how thankful we were to be able to see such a beautiful country.

As it was our last day, we couldn’t help but go to the Nyhavn for the last time before our flight home. We sat on a bench for around an hour and took in the view and spoke about our time in Copenhagen. This trip has definitely been very special to us!

We then travelled on the Metro to get our luggage that we had put in hold in our hotel and took our last Metro to the airport. This was my first night flight so it was definitely a challenge but I really enjoyed it.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has read my Copenhagen/Malmo posts and it has definitely been a trip to remember. Travelling has definitely opened up my heart to so many things and I can’t wait for my next adventure!

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