The Skincare Regime That Has Saved My Skin|How I Cleared My Skin In 2 weeks

In summer I tend to get breakouts quite a lot and I’m not actually sure why. I’ve put together a skincare routine that has pretty much saved my skin. A few weeks ago I broke out pretty bad and had a few red patches surrounding my skin. I kind of thought it was the dramatic change in weather but now that I have been using this skincare regime I only get the occasional pimple. I definitely think it is important to have a really good skincare routine that you use everyday. In this post, I am going to be showing you the skincare routine that saved and cleared my skin in 2 weeks using 5 simple steps.

Some of the products in this post were kindly gifted to me by various brands and there is an AD somewhere in this post, however, this does not change my opinions on the products and I wouldn’t recommend anything that didn’t work.

Step One- Micellar Water

The first step to my skincare routine is micellar water so it is very important to have one that really works. This one was gifted to me by SkinAcademy a couple months ago and I’ve been using it ever since. It is part of their clear collection and does the job of removing all my makeup. It is probably not the best one I’ve tried but it does the job nicely.

AD Step Two- Face Wash

This step in my skincare routine is probably the cause to my skin improving so much. Every morning and night I will wash my face with cold water using the Dermalogica cleanser. Every couple of days on the evenings I will use the (AD) Magnitone Cleansing and Toning Face brush which is a god send.

The Magnitone face brush is amazing as it has 3 separate settings. The first one is a gentle cleanse which I’d recommend if you have sensitive skin like myself, the second one is a more intense cleanse and the third one can be used as a massage to massage a moisturiser into the skin. There are two separate brush heads and they can be repurchased from there store. Using my Dermalogica Cleanser, I apply the brush onto my face and gently move it around my face. Something I really like about this brush over others I’ve tested is that this one vibrates every 20 seconds or so to alert you to move onto a new section of your face. If you are interested in purchasing this brush, it can be purchased through Bootscosmetics, I think they have an offer on at the moment to purchase it at £45 reduced from £90!

Step three- Face Toner

A few weeks ago I was kindly sent a face toner from Freshlycosmetics which I’ve been using and testing for the past couple of weeks and its working really well with my skin. I apply this evenly around my skin with a cotton pad which works really well. This product has really helped clear my skin.

Step four- Moisturiser

I can’t be the only one that absolutely loves The body shop? I have so many products from them and I especially love their moisturiser. The Aloe soothing Day cream is one of my favourite moisturisers and I use this pretty much every morning. In the evening I will use a different moisturiser and that is the Dermalogica Skin Smoothing moisturiser which works really well at smoothing my skin and my skin is still smooth in the morning.

Step 5- T-zone Spot Cream

For a total of 49p you can’t really go wrong with this product. I’ve had a lot of t-zone products and I’ve loved pretty much all the ones I’ve had and I especially love this because it has really helped reduce my spots. I just apply this to all my spots because it dries out the rest of the skin which isn’t great.

And that is my 5 step skincare routine which has really helped clear my skin. I think it works better to have a short and simple skincare routine that has some really good products rather than using a bunch and clogging up your skin!

What is one of your favourite skincare products?

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2 thoughts on “The Skincare Regime That Has Saved My Skin|How I Cleared My Skin In 2 weeks

  1. I love skincare so much so thank you for sharing your routine with us! Ive been looking for a decent skin cleansing brush and this could be an amazing one to look into especially since it is half price. Great post!


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