Five Things I use To Be More Sustainable

A sustainable lifestyle has been something I’ve been very passionate about for a few months now and have been making some lifestyle changes to live a life that is more sustainable. Living a sustainable life is important to both yourself and the environment and I do believe being sustainable has many benefits, I think the one major one is saving money. I have noticed how much money I’ve saved since making these small changes! In today’s post, I’m going to be talking you through 5 things I now use that makes me more sustainable! I really hope this post motivates you to become more sustainable yourself!

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Number One- Metal and Re-usable bottles

One of the main things I use on an everyday basis has to be my metal bottle. I have a 500ml one and a 1L one which are so convenient and has really increased my water intake. I tend to use the 1L bottle whenever I am at home and when I am heading to the gym and I will use the 500ml one when I am going out for the day so I can refill it up wherever I go. This is probably the one thing that has saved me so much money and it has decreased the amount of one time plastic waste I use. If you don’t already, I’d highly recommend picking one up, I’ve seen them everywhere now but I especially love Chilly bottles.

Number Two- Re-usable Bags

One thing I always used to forget whenever I went shopping was re-usable bags. Instead I brought some re-usable bags from a variety of shops and kept them in my bag so I don’t forget them whenever I go shopping. Plastic bags are probably the biggest contributor to single use plastic so I’d either recommend re-using those plastic bags whenever you go shopping or purchasing some sturdy shopping bags to take with you!

Number Three- Metal Straws

A lot of fast food companies have switched their plastic straws to paper straws and people are still complaining? I’d recommend purchasing a metal straw that you can keep in your bag for whenever you pick up a drink that you might need a straw for. That way you don’t need to deal with the paper straws! I also find these super useful when I am trying to increase my water intake!

Number Four- Bamboo Toothbrush

This is a recent change for me but I never realised how much money you actually spend on a toothbrush in a year. I tend to re-purchase one every month so that is around £20 a year which is unnecessary. I got a bamboo toothbrush from bodycare and it lasts so much longer and it minimises your plastic use! I’d 100% recommend going to pick one up because I find they feel better on your teeth which is an added bonus!

Number Five- Depop and Ebay

This isn’t an object but it is definitely something I use to be more sustainable, in more than 2 ways. I’m one of those people that goes through stages with clothes and one day I’ll love something and the next I wont. the perfect way to combat that is using depop and ebay to sell it on! A lot of clothing ends up in landfill every year due to single wear clothing so why not sell it on and someone else can get there use out of it!

I also purchase from depop and Ebay regularly to stop myself from shopping at a fast fashion brand! The clothing always turns out cheaper so its a win win!

Do you use any of these products? Are their any other products you’d recommend?

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9 thoughts on “Five Things I use To Be More Sustainable

  1. Unfortunately, bamboo toothbrushes are made to not last as long. They tend to show signs of degradation after a few weeks. So I would trial it for a while before spreading false information. You have to practice what you preach, you can’t share information about something until you’ve seen it for yourself. I didn’t find this post very helpful.


    1. I don’t really agree with this comment as I’ve been using one bamboo brush for around a month and I’ve found they work better than plastic ones. I’m only giving my personal experience. Not everyone is going to agree but some will so please don’t say I’m wrong when everyone has their own opinions.


  2. I have been trying to live a sustainable life too. I think I became happier and more focused on what matters than spending my money on things that don’t last. And I am so happy that I can save the planet too. 🙂

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  3. Yes to all of these! I`ve also bought mesh bags for produce, reusable cotton pads and solid shampoo bars. Although I find it hard to go completely zero waste, I try to do as much as I can to help the Planet.

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