How I Stay Motivated to Eat Healthy and Work Out Regularly

I’m one of those people that will get up at 7 AM and head straight to the gym, how you might be asking? I’m not really sure. As I am quite motivated to eat healthy and workout pretty much everyday, I thought I would put together a little post on how I stay motivated even when the only thing I want to do is relax and eat a domino’s!

Firstly I thought I would give a bit of background on my weight loss journey for anyone that has just joined me. I have been on a weight loss journey for around a year and 7 months now and when I first started out, I was bridging towards a size 14 and now I can fit into clothing ranging from a size 6 to a 10, depending on the garment and the style. It has definitely been a journey and a half but I am so happy with what I have achieved. When I started this journey I didn’t think I’d still be as motivated now as I was then, that’s because I have achieved my goal and exceeded it, however, I do think I am more motivated now because I know what having a good diet and working out can do for my mind and my body.

Lets start with one of the main reasons I stay motivated, working out and eating a healthy diet is not all about the physical benefits, it has also helped me mentally. Whenever I am in a bad place or I am feeling down, I will do something active, whether that be yoga, a run, the gym or simply going for a walk, it gives me fresh air and kick starts my Endorphins and really helps me to feel okay again. Whenever I eat unhealthy it doesn’t make me feel good, this is both physically and mentally. When I eat unhealthy I see a massive change in my skin and I always feel crap about myself and I’ve noticed I feel so much better and lighter when I eat healthy compared to when I eat fairly unhealthy.

Before starting this journey I was one of those people who didn’t have a single veggie with their meal, now, I have at least 3. I am vegetarian and that’s something I decided on when I started this journey, not only for myself but for the well being of our animals. Well anyway, this gave me the opportunity to be experimental with my food and I was able to use veggies to my advantage. Some people have the perspective that being healthy is boring but I definitely like to have fun with my diet and that’s definitely something that keeps me motivated to keep on track and stay healthy.

Another thing that really keeps me motivated is being able to better myself. When I eat healthy and work out regularly, I notice a massive change in my skin and my body in general. My skin tends to be clearer and just looks brighter which is always amazing. Knowing that I am putting good food into my body really helps me to feel positive and happier.

One huge thing that keeps me motivated are my friends and family. Whenever people point out that I look healthier and slimmer that always makes me feel motivated because it makes me realise that what I am doing is working and it is making a positive change.

That’s my short but sweet post on what keeps me motivated when it comes to all things fitness, fitness has definitely became a form of lifestyle rather than a chore!

What makes you feel good about yourself?

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13 thoughts on “How I Stay Motivated to Eat Healthy and Work Out Regularly

  1. Chloe, you look amazing! I’m actually really struggling with motivation for my own weight loss journey, so this post has come at the perfect time! It’s wonderful to see how far you’ve come, and how you’re still motivated to keep going xxx

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  2. This is a fantastic and inspiring post to read – thank you for sharing your journey ♥ It is wonderful that you are feeling and looking so great! It is crazy how different we can feel based on what we fuel our body with, especially how our skin reacts! x

    Liked by 1 person

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