Why You Should Be Shopping In Charity Shops and Some of My Best Charity Finds

When I hit my teens I would always hit up my local charity shop with my Mom and it has kind of stuck with me. I love to visit a local Charity shop at least once a week and if I don’t, I start to get withdrawal, very dramatic I know.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about changing up my lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly, I do have some posts up already discussing some of the changes in detail if you are interested!

5 things I use to be more sustainable

There are so many benefits to purchasing your clothing/shoes/accessories or even furniture from a charity shop. In this post I am going to be talking through some of the important reasons you should shop at your local charity shop and I also thought I’d share some of my best Charity finds to motivate you to go and find something at your local charity shop!

  1. Most important: It is better for the environment.

I bet everyone is sick of me talking about fast fashion but it is such an important topic and you should always do your bit for the environment. If you’d like to read my post all about the importance of limiting fast fashion, here’s the link. Everything at the Charity shop is second hand so you can give a good home to something another person doesn’t want, this really helps when it comes to fast fashion.

“Re-using goods is environmentally friendly”

2. You can find some amazing pieces at the fraction of the price.

I’m one of those people where my style changes every other month so it is always important for me to save some cash and try and find the pieces I want for a fraction of the price than you’d find on the high street. So, if there is a top you really want but don’t want to spend that £20, head to your local charity shop and challenge yourself to find something similar!

Another great thing about thrifting is that if you don’t have much money to spend on new clothing, you can still find some really on trend pieces for a really good deal!

3. You can find pieces that no one else owns.

I think something I really love about thrift shopping is finding something that was sold a few years ago so there are a small percentage of people that will have the same outfit as you.

4. You can show your originality

Thrift shopping is a really good way to show your originality in your style. Sometimes when you shop on the high street, you don’t find anything that fits your style, however, there is always a chance that you find some amazing pieces at the charity shop that are perfect for your style!

When it comes to purchasing furniture, you may find some really vintage things that no one else has in there homes. When I move out officially, I really want to purchase some really cool items from the charity shop and do them up to make them my own!

5. It’s fun

Going to the charity shop is one of my hobbies, sad I know. I just really enjoy the aspect of not knowing what you are going to find and if you find something you’ve wanted for a while, it can be really exciting. Whenever I am feeling low or simply want some time to myself, I will take a walk to my local charity shops and it always puts me in a better mood if I find something!

You also don’t need to limit yourself to going to the charity shop, you could also see if there are any thrift fairs going on in your local area or you could hit up your local boot sale (that reminds me, I really need to go to one again).

A list of some of my best finds in the charity shop:

  1. A basic black blazer- I have been able to find so many cute basics from the charity shop and this blazer was only £3 so it was so much cheaper than ones I have been seeing in store.
  2. Nike Air Force 1’s x2- If you don’t follow me on Twitter, which you should, you wouldn’t know that I’ve been blessed by the thrift gods with 2 pairs of brand new looking Nike Air Force 1’s. When I found them in the charity shop I was ecstatic but to find another pair, I just couldn’t believe my luck! The best part is, I only paid £2 for them!
  3. Vintage High wasted Mom Jeans- Some of my favorite things to find at the charity shop are Mom Jeans. I always find that these fit better and have more of the look I am going for. I got my favorite ones a couple weeks ago for only £1.99.
  4. Japanese style dress- If anyone knows me personally, they would know that I have a dream to visit Japan and I’d love to sometime soon. I saw this dress and knew I had to take it home. I’ve only warn it ones so I’m keeping it so I can wear it when I visit Japan!

What has been your best find from the charity/thrift shop?

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One thought on “Why You Should Be Shopping In Charity Shops and Some of My Best Charity Finds

  1. I love going to charity shops, as you never know what your going to come out with. I used to volunteer at one myself and so used to get first dibbs on the things that came in. What always surprised me was how many things came in brand new with tags still attached


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