The Ultimate Christmas Male Gift Guide

Males are soooo hard to purchase for when it comes to purchasing gifts, especially at Christmas. I feel like I search the internet for hours searching for gift ideas for the males I need to purchase for but I always seem to settle for a gift set in some way or another.

I thought I’d put together a gift guide for men and include a variety of gift ideas that would suit any male you need to buy for, whether that be your Boyfriend/husband, brother, dad or uncles and friends , I’ve got you!


A gadget is a mans best friend and it makes the perfect gift. There are so many gadgets that a male would love! You could get them a new console game if they own a console, you could get them a new pair of headphones, I think the choices are endless with this one. I don’t think you have to spend a lot either to make a gadget a good present, I’ve seen so many small gadgets on the likes of Primark and Amazon that I know people I’m purchasing for would love! So don’t be scared when you think about buying a gadget, it could literally be anything!

Another great gadget that would go down a treat is a speaker, Amazon have so many to choose from, I’d also recommend Alexa or Google Home because both my Brother and Boyfriend own them and they love them and use them all the time!


Something that always springs to mind when thinking of a gift for him is aftershave, this always feels like the safest option to go for, however, I do not mean picking up a Lynx set, that’s too safe. You don’t have to spend a lot of Aftershave either as I know Next have some really nice aftershaves that are pretty inexpensive. I know a lot of stores sell aftershave gift sets that may come with a shower gel which equates to two gifts in one!

If you wanted to splash out on an aftershave gift, Debenhams and The perfume shop are a good place to have a look. They usually have a wide selection of aftershaves and gift sets so you definitely won’t have any trouble finding one. I also know their customer service is great and they can help you pick the perfect scent!

A watch

If you wanted to treat the man your buying for, a watch is an amazing idea. Jewellary is always a sentimental and amazing gift for a women so a watch is a perfect alternative for a man. I know purchasing a watch isn’t something men tend to do so buying them a watch they’ve always wanted would definitely make the perfect gift.The best places to have a look for a watch which also have amazing customer service when it comes to finding the right watch, would be Goldsmiths and John Lewis.


Clothing is a tricky one when it comes to gifts but if you get it right, it can make the perfect gift. If you know there style well enough, it would be super easy to go and find something they really like, however, if you are struggling with this, I usually go with merch. For example, I know my brother loves Peaky Blinders so I’ve picked him up a Peaky Blinders t-shirt that I know he’s going to love! Some of the best places I’d definitely recommend for men’s clothing is Primark as they have a wide selection of clothing that would be ideal with any male which are affordable so you could get several gifts. An alternative is JD sports as they have some really nice things in at the moment and they always have some trendy pieces.

You could also get a really nice pair of pajamas as they make a great gift. They are super easy to find and they have an array of options wherever you look! Slippers are another great option, these are items a male wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves so it makes a great gift.


There are definitely some accessories which would definitely make a great gift, these include; a wallet, a bag, passport holder and a key ring. Something that I got my boyfriend for his birthday was a key ring which had our anniversary which went down really well, he loved it so something similar would definitely make an amazing gift for a partner.

Every man needs a wallet so buying a really nice one would make an amazing gift which they will use throughout the year. Another suggestion would be a bag, this isn’t only a female gift, maybe buy a backpack as every man needs to carry things around every once in a while. Maybe you could also purchase a passport holder, they have some really nice ones in New Look at the moment.

Candle's & Toiletries

Something that tends to be known as a female gift are candles and toiletries, my boyfriend loves candles and if the male your purchasing for is anything like that then a candle or two would be perfect. You can also get some really nice candle gift sets from Yankee Candle that are really inexpensive at Christmas. If you wanted to spend some more on a candle, they have some really nice scents from Jo Malone. 

In terms of toiletries, I know that The body shop and Lush have some really nice male products and they also have some unisex gift sets which would be a perfect gift. Buying a really nice Shampoo and Shower gel would make a really good present especially if it is on the more expensive side, Boots have so many to choose from, I promise you won’t be stuck for choice.


Alcohol is such an easy gift for any male, especially if you know their favourite alcohol. At Christmas they usually have some really nice Alcohol gift sets which would definitely make the perfect gift. This also works as a really nice gift if your not 100% sure on what to purchase for someone as there is a very low chance that the person your buying for won’t use the alcohol at some point. Just make sure you know if the person your buying for is age appropriate for alcohol and drinks alcohol.

Personalised gifts

Something I love giving as a gift is something personalised as I think it gives that added touch to an average gift. Since being with my boyfriend, I have always made sure to include one or two personalised gifts into the mix as I feel this makes it more special. Maybe you could get the male your purchasing for a customised mug.

If your searching for gifts for your boyfriend, some perfect ideas would be a key ring which I’ve previously mentioned, make a scrapbook of your time together, you could also make a jar of reasons you love the person as these are really special present’s that you don’t need to spend too much money on. I’d definitely recommend Amazon when it comes to personalized gifts.

Those are all the gifts I can possibly think of, please leave some below if you have any suggestions! I really hope this helps you when doing your Christmas shopping!

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