The Perfect 48 Hour Itinerary While Visiting Rome, Italy.

Oh the beautiful Rome, a place you read and learn about through school but to actually explore this beautiful city is an experience. There is so much history and life in Rome and I couldn’t get enough. I actually visited Rome in September 2018, time has flown by and I’d love to visit again. There was so much to see so I’ve put together a 48 hour itinerary so you can get the most out of this beautiful city. Even though 48 hours is a short time, I still managed to see as much as I could, however, I have added a few bits in that might make your trip better! Obviously you can change this round as much as you wish but this is how I was able to get the full experience of Rome in 48 hours!

If you’ve visited Rome before, I’d love to know what you visited while you were there and what your favourite spots were in the comments, mine was definitely the Colosseum and the Spanish Steps.

Day one-

On day one, I think the best thing to do is hit up all the “tourist” destinations first. I’d higly recommend starting your day early so you can get the most out of your day.


The first stop you should make is the Colosseum. There is so much history surrounding the Colosseum and if you could only see one thing, it should be this. The Colosseum was built in the centre of Rome and it was used for various forms of entertainment for the Ancient Romans. More than 5 million tourists visit the Colosseum each year. As we were on a budget at the time, we didn’t actually go into the Colosseum but we got some breathtaking views from the outside.

From being by the Colosseum, it was clear that everyone wanted a tour of the inside. If you want to go inside. I’d recommend getting there early so you can combat the queue’s. Tickets for adults cost 12 euros, teenagers and children under 18 along with disabled individuals can enter for free. I’d recommend booking your tickets in advance due to the mass volume of popularity.

Trevi Fountain

The all famous Trevi Fountain. I had dreamed to see this in person and it definitely did not disappoint. The Trevi Fountain is a fountain in the Trevi district of Rome. This is one of the most famous fountains in the world and it is the largest fountain in Rome. One thing to note about visiting the Trevi Fountain, it is full of tourists, I completely understand at it is such a picturesque location. While you are here there are so many options for food and you will be able to find the best Italian food.

Piazza Venezia

A place we kind of stumbled upon was the Piazza Venezia, the best things in life are a surprise, just like this! You can get some beautiful views of Rome from here and I’d highly recommend adding this to your plan while you are visiting.

Altar of the Fatherland/Victor Emmanuel II Monument

Located in Piazza Venezia is this beautiful building known as the Alter of the Fatherland. This is a national monument that was built in honor of the first king of unified Italy. It is free to enter and there is so much to offer. There is a small museum and from the top, you can get some breathtaking views of Rome. You are able to sit at the top but be mindful, you are not allowed to eat. We used this as a spot to reflect on what we had seen and take in the views of the beautiful city.

Capitoline Hill

Located just a few minutes from the Alter of the Fatherland, is the Capitoline Hill. This is the smallest but most important of the seven hills of Rome. This hill symbolizes the political and religious heart of Rome and it is a great place to take in the architecture of Rome.

Day two-

Piazza Navona

To kick start the second day in Rome, a good place to start is the Piazza Novona. This is a very popular area for tourists, not only for its picturesque views but it is also surrounded by many fountains, palaces and churches. This is also a great place to get food.

Spanish Steps

Another must see thing when visiting Rome are the Spanish steps. Before visiting Rome, I didn’t know these were an important part but this location was filled with tourists. The Spanish steps were built in 1723-1725. It was built in order to link the the Trinità dei Monti church that was under the patronage of the king of France, with the Spanish square. The Spanish steps unique design and elegance has made it a popular place for artists, painters and poets and is also a hot spot for tourists.

Roman Forum

One place that I didn’t actually get to see on my visit was the Roman Forum, this is definitely something I’d add to my list. The Roman Forum is a rectangular forum that is surrounded by the ruins of several important ancient government buildings at the centre of the city of Rome. The forum was once used as a venue for public speeches and criminal trials. Today, the forum is in architectural ruins and attracts around 4.5 million tourists yearly.

Entry to the Roman Forum is no longer free and is covered by the single Colosseum ticket that grants access to the Colosseum, Forum and Palatine Hill area. You can find tickets for a varied price, however, I’d recommend booking your tickets in advance and a great place to book your tickets is through Trip Advisor.

Vatican City

Visiting Vatican City is a must see when visiting Rome. Vatican city is the smallest country in the world, it is an independent city that only covers 100 acres. Vatican City is the home of the pope and has some beautiful art and architecture. The best way to travel from Rome to Vatican City is to take the subway which takes around 9 minutes and only costs 2 Euros.

Explore the streets of Rome

I personally think the best way to take in and see a city is to take a walk around the city. There are so many beautiful streets in Rome and there are so many independent shops that you can visit.

How to save money: The Roma Pass

Visiting Rome can be quite an expensive trip however, I would highly recommend purchasing the Roma Pass if you are intending in visiting all the popular destinations. The Roma Pass is the key to discovering the city, this also gives you free entry into two of Rome’s most popular landmarks (the Colosseum and the Roman Forum & Palatine Hill). This will give you a saving of 31 Euros before you even start so that’s amazing. Something to note, you should pre-book your entry tickets. Here is the link to purchasing the pass!

I really hope this itinerary will help you when planning your trip to Rome, let me know in the comments your favourite places in Rome!

Thank you for reading!

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