How to Find Cheap Flights in 2020

Do you ever get tired of endlessly searching for the cheapest flight and getting no where? Look no further, I have some tips and tricks to getting the cheapest and affordable flights in 2020.

Over the past few years I have been using these hacks to find the best and affordable flight to my chosen destination. This has worked for so many of the destinations I have visited, I was able to get a return flight to Faro, Portugal for £12.99 which is so much cheaper than most transport in the UK.

Tip Number One: Plan Ahead

You’d be really surprised how much cheaper flights are if you are planning well in advance. Ideally, it is recommended to plan your trip well over 6 months in advance to get the best possible deal. If you are planning a trip during summer, I’d recommend planning in Winter. As you are planning ahead, I would highly recommend signing up for email alerts, a great website for this is skyscanner and you will get emails when and if the prices of flights change.

Tip Number Two: Be Flexible

If at all possible, try and be as flexible with the dates you want to travel. From experience, I have found that the cheapest flights have either very early or very late departure times. When I was visiting Rome, our flights were at 6:30 in the morning. In the evening, flights may vary from 4pm to 8pm depending on the departure times. While booking flights, always make sure that you are able to travel to the airport and leave yourself two hours before departing so you are able to check in and go through security. Also, try and be flexible with the dates you would like to travel, maybe keep 3 days before or after the desired date in mind when looking at flights so you are able to compare pricing.

Additionally, if you are planning on going on a long haul flight, the flights that have layovers tend to be the cheapest. If you are okay stopping over in another country for a few hours before reaching your destination, I’d highly recommend this.

Tip Number Three: Use Flight Search Comparison sites

A day doesn’t go by where I don’t go on skyscanner, it is definitely my guilty pleasure trying to look for the cheapest flights. Skyscanner has a really nice Explore feature option for the people that are really flexible and are not fussed about where they are travelling. I’d recommend using the website version as it is easier to navigate than the mobile app. Some other sites I’d recommend using are: Google flights, Cheapflights and Momondo.

Tip Number Four: Use a Private Search Engine

When searching for flights, make sure you are using a private search engine. If you are looking for flights using a normal browser, they will know that you are looking to purchase flights so they will increase the flights. When I’m booking a flight, I like to double check if the flight price matches that of the price found on a private search engine.

Tip Number Five: Travel on the Cheapest days

I’ve seen a lot of people say that travelling on a specific day is cheaper than another. A lot of people have said that flying on a Tuesday and Sunday is cheaper than flying any other day of the week. I’ve also heard that the prices of flights decrease on a Tuesday but it hasn’t been proven when I’m searching for flights myself.

Tip Number Six: Be Flexible with the airport you are flying from

From personal experience from living in the UK, there are definitely price differences for flights depending on the airport you are flying from. I have found that flying from London Stansted is so much cheaper than flying from my local airports, these being Manchester and Birmingham. If you have a way of getting to the airport, I’d recommend comparing flight prices from a number of different airports in your city and seeing if this is workable. For example, when I visited Copenhagen, we flew from London Stansted and we used National Express to get to the airport. the flights and the coach was still £20 cheaper than flying from Manchester so it was 100% worth it.

Tip Number 7: Fly with a Cheap Airline

This is a pretty obvious one but try and fly through a cheap airline. There are so many to choose from and their flight prices are always really reasonable. skyscanner is a great app to use when finding flights through cheap airlines. In my opinion, I don’t really mind which airline I fly with, I just care that I get from A to B safely and efficiently. Some great airlines I’d highly recommend if you are from the UK and main Europe destinations are Ryanair, Jet 2, Easyjet and WizzAir.

Those are my tips for getting cheaper flights in 2020, hopefully you find this helpful. If you know anyone who may find this helpful, please make sure to share. If you would like to see more from me, please follow.

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