Dealing With Comparison

This is a topic I don’t really see many people talk about it, but instead, deal with it internally. As I sit here on a Saturday night and look back over my stats for the past couple weeks, I start to compare myself to others and why I’m not at the same stage as others. Within the blogging world, you would imagine that comparing yourself to others is inevitable. Personally. I believe this topic should be more talked about and should be recognized as something individuals may go through.

I have been blogging now for two years, I have taken several breaks due to university, however, whenever I am blogging and posting on Instagram, I always find myself comparing myself to other influencers and bloggers and ask myself what I’m doing wrong, for example, I may not have as many followers as them and so fourth. Now that I have made a come back to blogging and want to make this into a job, I find I am comparing myself to others a lot more and it puts me down quite a lot. Unfortunately, comparison is not so un-common and I’ve spoken to a lot of blogging who feel the same way.

In all honesty, one of the main reasons I stopped creating content for so long was because I simply did not feel good enough. I did not feel like I was “pretty” enough to be an “influencer” and felt like no brands would want to work with me. Those negative thoughts set me back quite a lot so I had to find myself and my niche before coming back. However, now, I am more in love with my content and I am always excited to create content and write a blog posts.

Even if your reading this and your not a blogger or influencer, even though I know a fair few are, it doesn’t mean it wont happen to you. Simply, the act of scrolling through social media platforms may trigger the feelings of comparison which could therefore lead to low self esteem.

Not a lot of people talk about this but despite the opportunities and experiences than come with blogging and the fun that comes with creating content, there is also the putting yourself down and comparing your work to others. Some regular questions I ask myself are: Why didn’t I get that brand deal? why aren’t my numbers going up? and why didn’t I get as many likes as them?

Now we’ve got all the negative things out the way, I thought I would discuss some of the strategies I use whenever these thoughts cross my mind. One thing I’ve learnt a lot from was when I used to create content for the purpose of other people liking it. I would shoot content in clothing I wasn’t in love with. I would shoot content in locations I wasn’t completely sure of and I would write some blog posts that I wasn’t completely in love with. However, now, I am creating all the content that I love and that has made me feel more positive and honestly, people are enjoying my content a lot more now which makes me really happy. I have started writing blog posts about things I am passionate about and I am writing this in mind of other bloggers who may feel the same way and need that motivation to carry on.

If you ever find yourself comparing yourself to someone else’s content, please just remember that we are all unique and we all have characteristics that make us our own person. You should own that and let your creative juices flow and create content that comes to mind, rather than creating content similar to others because you feel like you need to. This way, you will love your feed and your confidence and positivity will shine through and others will see that and like your content more.

One thing I find myself doing quite a lot is comparing my following to other people. This is something that has been really putting me down but now I am more motivated than ever to try really hard and build up my following. You won’t have 5k or 10k followers overnight, it may take 3 months, 6 months or even a year but one day, if you try really hard and continue to put out content, it will happen and you will do it organically.

Another hack I have been doing recently is writing down all the things that I have. Whether that be the amazing brands you have been able to work with, the lovely people you have met a long the way or even writing down some of the things you love about yourself. Rather than thinking about the negatives of what you do not have or do not have yet, think about the things you do have and the amazing things you have been able to achieve. Not many people would be able to say they have worked with such and such brand so own it and remain focused on the positives and will allow you to attract the energy you are seeking in the world. Another thing to note is that these feelings of comparison will only shield you from working at your full potential and may hinder you from achieving the things you seek.

One of my main pieces of advice is really work on being happy and content with your accomplishments along with supporting other creators along the process. Like you would your best friend, hype others up and this is an industry where women support women and so fourth. So, I am going to make it my goal to hype other creators up and give them the “likes” they deserve and simply congratulate them on their achievements and continue to work on my own creations to achieve the big goals I have, who’s with me? If you want to follow me on this journey of appreciating my work, my instagram is

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Hey, Welcome to Chlo Lauren, thank you for visiting my blog, so, let me introduce myself, I’m Chloe who is currently 20 years old who has the aspiration to present all of my interests to others. Apart from writing the occasional blog post, I am currently studying my second year of Forensic Psychology at university and I take photos for Instagram. Chlo Lauren will be a place where I express my love for; Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel. If you would like to get in contact with me for collaborations and PR, please email me at

2 thoughts on “Dealing With Comparison

  1. This is very important. We should not compare ourselves to others as we are all different in our own way. And fewer views doesn’t mean that your content is bad. It just means that you are still growing! Great post x

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