How To Make More Sustainable Wardrobe Choices

Being sustainable has become a huge part of everyday life and rightly so. Fast fashion is something that largely impacts the environment and people need to start making a conscious effort to be more Eco-friendly. There have been times in the past where I would buy clothing, throw it in my wardrobe to never been seen again. The past couple of years I’ve been working really hard to becoming more sustainable, in more ways than one, however, one thing I highly focus on is my wardrobe. From being in the blogging industry, there can be a lot of pressure to wear up to date clothing and wearing on trend pieces. However, I’m here to give you some tips on how you can still wear on trend pieces without harming the environment.

Shop Vintage or at Charity Shops

I may sound like a loser here but one of my favourite hobbies is to shop in charity shops. I love the feeling of excitement when I find a piece that I adore at a low price (£3 for example) and it is really exciting when I know it has come from a really exciting brand, for example, ZARA. I know a lot of people whom visit vintage fairs and hit the jackpot and find some gems for a fraction of the price brand new. It’s not just clothing you can get from charity shops, you can also get some vintage jewellery, shoes, books which could be brand new at a fraction of the price.


Especially now, another great way to shop sustainably is to shop on second hand websites. Some of the most popular ones I know are Depop & Ebay. Well, these are the only websites I’ve personally used. There are some horror stories when it comes to Depop, especially when purchasing, however, 9 times out of 10 you are given a garment for a fraction of the price and you shopped sustainably also.


Something I’ve been seeing a lot around Instagram and on online stores are DIY clothing, especially tie dye. If you don’t like the fit of an old t-shirt, maybe you could try cropping it. If you have some jeans that don’t fit right? They may fit better if you cut them into shorts. If you have some spare tee’s, you could get some tie dye and dye you clothing to give them a new summer look. One thing I really want to do is bleach one side of my denim jeans and make them two shades of denim, maybe you could also do that?


In terms of a lot of things, less is more, this also goes towards clothing. I would much rather buy one dress I am in love with rather than purchase 5 dresses that I may forget about and never wear. I have tried to spend a bit more on clothing that I know I will get a lot of wear out of. This means that I have a very minimal wardrobe, however, I wear all the pieces all the time and they are all essentials in my wardrobe.


If you are particularly at the start of your break up with fast fashion, there are so many brands that have sustainable clothing lines. One great example of this is H&M. They have an amazing conscious range that is both very affordable & great quality. Even if you are making small changes in your wardrobe by implementing more sustainable brands, those small changes can be amazing and can make a big difference.

Those are my tips for making more sustainable wardrobe choices, are you going to join me in becoming more eco-friendly and help minimize Fast fashion?

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