How to Take The Perfect Self-timer Instagram pic

Recently, all of my Instagram pic’s have been shot by me, using a self-timer and a trusty old tripod. This is definitely due to being in lockdown and not being able to shoot outside, However, I have a new found love for taking pic’s by myself and I feel like I have definitely perfected the ways of taking the perfect self-timer Instagram pic.

Since revamping my blog & Instagram, I have been working really hard at creating the perfect content and I’ve really been enjoying shooting content by myself. Since going into lockdown, I have definitely been taking full advantage of a white sheet/white wall and shooting content on self-timer. So, here if your opportunity to free your Instagram boyfriend/photographer and perfect your own images.


If you are anything like me, I don’t particularly have a space where I can shoot all my content in and I don’t necessarily have an “insta-worthy” house. I managed to find one wall in my house where I shoot all my content and I also set up an old clothing rail and pop a white sheet up and that’s been a perfect background for me. A white sheet can also add texture to your photos rather than just having a white wall. You could also pop up a white sheet in the garden and use natural light, I’ve seen so many people do this and they always turn out perfectly. So if you are someone like me that stresses that you can’t find a space in the house to take photos, you definitely can, just be inventive and it will work out!


Ever wondered how bloggers are taking their own images at the moment, its self timer. When I first started blogging, I purchased myself a tripod from Amazon for around £20 and it was definitely worth it. I’ll link mine here. Popping your phone on your tripod and hitting self timer is so easy and definitely helps me perfect the perfect shot. The tripod I have can be adjusted to three different heights which is amazing for when I want to achieve different angles. If you don’t have a tripod, you could always prop your phone up against something & that’s a free alternative.

It has definitely become a workout clicking the photo button for every photo. Unfortunately my clicker died for my tripod, however, I am going to re-purchase one soon as this would be so much easier.


Lighting is so important for achieving the perfect images. I would highly recommend shooting in front of a window so natural light can come through or shoot in a room that allows a lot of light in. Another item I am debating on purchasing is a ring light. A ring light would be so ideal for those days where it’s dull outside but you still need to shoot some content. If anyone has any recommendations on where I can get a ring light from, please let me know in the comments.


Like me, I thought I needed a fancy camera to take the perfect photos. However, I have been shooting with my iphone XR for a couple months and I feel like the photos come out just as good. A tip I would give if you have a iphone X or above, go into the portrait mode ans use “studio light”. This also helps me to brighten the images and get the camera to focus on my face. I also feel like shooting in portrait mode gives off a more professional take on an image. Though I said I shoot with my iphone, I am definitely debating investing in a camera as I want to do this for the long haul.


There are often days where I am unsure what images to take and have a lack of motivation to shoot. I use Pinterest ALOT to find inspiration on the type of content I want to create. However, a piece of advice, please only use Pinterest or Instagram as inspiration, Please do not feel like you need to create content similar to your inspiration as the content you create will be perfect. Use your creative juices and create your own content and that will really help you grow.


Unfortunately, you can’t get the perfect shot from one photo, if you did, that would be so helpful and amazing. If you are shooting multiple outfits and pics, I’d recommend double checking the images after 10 images or so to check the lighting and to see if you are achieving the kind of images you are looking for.

As I have delved into fashion shoots, I would recommend laying all your outfits out, add the jewellery and accessories in advance. This makes it so much more time efficient and you know exactly how you want the images to turn out.

And those are my tips, I hope you find them helpful and helps you create some amazing content. If you use any of my tips, please let me know over on Instagram over at @chlolaurenblogs or over on my Twitter which is @chlolaurenxox.

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