A Journey To Loving Myself: What I am going to do to learn to love myself

As everyone says, it is impossible to love anyone without truly loving yourself. Over the past couple months, I have been on a journey to loving myself. My journey started with one simple question:

“How would you feel if someone you loved didn’t love themselves the way you love them?”

I know so many people criticize and have feelings of self-hatred towards themselves. There is a deep desire to be “perfect” and I know some of these feelings can come from social media and the environment around them. Talking from experience, the hatred I had towards myself led to developing an eating disorder and I have been suffering from my eating disorder for around two years. Today, I wanted to fight back my eating disorder and start a journey to accepting and loving myself.

As someone who has an eating disorder, I have this desire to be as perfect as possible but I want to learn that my happiness and self-worth does not come from the numbers of the scale, rather I want to be happy in my own skin and learn to find true happiness in myself. I know a lot of people can designate with this but even though I have been through the weight-loss journey and the many goals I set myself, I’m still not happy. I want to stop being so harsh on myself and I have figured I am the cause of my unhappiness and I want to work on that and I thought I would take you on this journey with me as I know a lot of people may be going through the same thing.

Here are some of the tips I am going to be implementing into my life and hopefully start a journey to loving myself. I hope you can join me on this journey of self love and learning to truly love yourself.


Once you learn that not being perfect is okay, the desire to be perfect will slowly shift. Learn that your insecurities are beautiful and no matter how much you want to, you can’t change them. Take me for example, I am a naturally curvy female, however, my mind tries to tell me that I need to be as “skinny” as possible. I am going to learn to love and embrace my curves and there is nothing I can do to change them. I like others, have an overthinking mind. I will constantly criticize my actions and fault them whenever I can. Moving forward, I am going to try and love my imperfections & congratulate myself rather than criticizing everything I do.


Recently, I put out a post all about dealing with comparison, if you’d like to read more on this, I’ll leave the link here. One thing I’ve really learnt over the past couple of months that I will not find self-fulfillment by comparing myself and my work to others. The day I stopped comparing my work and my content to other creators, this was when I was able to let my creativity shine and I feel like this really showed and I have gained a lot of new faces over on my Instagram. If you focus on the things you don’t have in life, you will fixate on this and you will never appreciate what you are doing. Rather than focusing on the things you don’t have, focus on the many amazing things you do have.


One thing I really need to work on is stop caring about what other people think about me. No one’s opinions matter than the opinions you have of yourself. There will always be people that have an opinion of you and my mum used to tell me that was only because they were jealous of you. Once you stop caring about what other people think of you, the sooner you can reach your full potential and really shine.


I am such a punish myself person. I will pick myself apart for the simplest things. If there is a day where I don’t really feel like working out, I will punish myself throughout the day by restricting my food etc. I definitely want to work towards not punishing myself and reward myself instead.

Picture this, you’ve just eaten a pizza and some ice-cream because you were having a date night, you then spend the whole night feeling extremely guilty and this puts you in a bad mood. I feel like I experience this every time I eat something that isn’t considered “healthy”.

You need to start being more gentle on yourself. Allow yourself that extra slice of pizza or a desert. If this food makes you feel crappy, then remember this for the next time you go to eat it. However, if eating this food makes you feel crappy because you felt like you weren’t “supposed” to eat it, then you need to change that mindset and release there is nothing wrong with you. Everyday is a fresh start so always think about it that way.


Who else is guilty of looking in the mirror and picking themselves apart? I know I certainly am. “My stomach is huge, my waist isn’t slim enough”. Those are the daily thoughts I have and honestly that does me no good. Picking myself apart have caused the most emotional breakdowns I’ve had and I can’t recall a worse feeling than hating the skin you live in.

This is definitely the first thing I want to work on as this can affect my mood completely and can be detrimental to my mental health for days or even weeks. I want to learn to be able to snap out of these thoughts as fast as possible and instead of focusing on the “negative” parts of my body, I want to point out the nice things about myself and congratulate myself on the body achievements I have been able to accomplish.

Those are my tips that I am going to be implementing into my day to day routine to one day love myself for me. I hope you can also come on this journey with me. If you are struggling, my DM’s are always open over on my Instagram. Remember to always be kind to yourself xx

If you’d like to follow me on my journey, I am going to be documenting it over on my INSTAGRAM which is @chlolaurenblogs. You can also tweet me @chlolaurenxox. You can also follow me over on pinterest @chlolaurenblogs.


Please make sure to follow me if you want to see more from me.


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Hey, Welcome to Chlo Lauren, thank you for visiting my blog, so, let me introduce myself, I’m Chloe who is currently 20 years old who has the aspiration to present all of my interests to others. Apart from writing the occasional blog post, I am currently studying my second year of Forensic Psychology at university and I take photos for Instagram. Chlo Lauren will be a place where I express my love for; Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel. If you would like to get in contact with me for collaborations and PR, please email me at chlolauren@yahoo.com.

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