My Current Skincare Favourites

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One topic I get questions endlessly about is skincare. I get a lot of questions in regards to my favourite skincare products and the products I use on a daily. Very regularly I will put up a post detailing my updated skincare routine but I don’t think I’ve ever talked in detail about my favourite skincare products that I use religiously. Today I thought I’d talk a little bit about my skin and talk you through some of my skincare favourites.


I thought it would only be right to talk you through my skin situation as I know not everyone’s skin is the same and I thought it would be helpful before I recommend these products the kind of skin I have so you can know if these products would work for you. I would describe my skin as combination skin. In certain areas of my skin I can get very dry patches, more specifically around the sides of my nose. Additionally, my skin can become quite oily throughout the day, this typically happens around my t-zone and around my chin.

Touch wood, I’ve never really had a problem with acne which I’m forever grateful for. From being a teen I never really had many blemishes and I am lucky enough to not have much scaring. Now that I am in my very early 20’s, I have started to get some blemishes, I get quite a lot of texture around my forehead which I’d really like to get rid of and I typically break out on my time of the month.

Okay, moving onto the products…


Dermalogica Ultra-calming Cleanser* When I first starting working with Dermalogica, they gifted me their Ultra-calming cleanser. I immediately fell in love with this cleanser and worked really well at clearing my skin. Since testing it, I have actually purchased it for myself when I ran out and I use it every evening in conjunction with other skincare products. This cleanser is also very soothing and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean.

The ordinary High Adhesive silicone primer This isn’t necessarily classed as a skincare product but I absolutely love using this primer in the morning as a base for my makeup. I like to use this with my moisturizer and it leaves my skin feeling really smooth and ready for makeup. For £3.90 I think it is a bargain and works really lovely on the skin.

PIXI Glow Mist* I absolutely adore this glow mist. I keep this in my everyday bag for when I leave the house and I like to use it either when my skin needs that bit of moisture and is feeling a little dry or when it is super warm to cool me down. Every time I use it my skin feels really refreshed and leaves my skin feeling really dewy. I’m actually running low so I’ll have to order myself a new one.

The Ordinary Toning solution This is a very new purchase of mine. I have been trying to get some new skincare products that are really light on the skin and this is just that. I use this both morning and evening and I have really been enjoying it thus far. It leaves my skin feeling really smooth and it is such great value for £6.90 which is under £10 which is great for a really good skincare product.

Dermalogica Prisma protect I could rave about Dermalogica products all day but another of my personal favourite is their prisma protect. I love to use a SPF every morning as it is so important to protect your skin. I like to apply mine everyday, the amount of SPF depends on the time of year but during the summer I like to use this one as it has SPF 30 which is amazing for protecting my skin.

Those are my personal favorite skincare products as of right now! I am always open to testing out new products so please leave any skincare recommendations in the comments as I’d love to hear your suggestions!

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