My Fashion Staples for SS20

~Post includes affiliate links~ My favourite seasons for fashion is Spring and Summer. There are definitely some essentials that you need to add to your wardrobe for this SS for 2020. Recently, I have been trying to integrate different basics and staples to my wardrobe to survive the warm weather. Before I start, I wouldContinue reading “My Fashion Staples for SS20”

All Black Outfit Edit

If you are following me over on Instagram, you will know I am a massive fan of my all black outfits. Honestly, all black outfits have become my signature look and make me feel most comfortable. To me, nothing quite beats an all black outfit with gold jewellery, its all in the details right? IContinue reading “All Black Outfit Edit”

My Current Skincare Favourites

~This post includes gifted & affiliate links, this will be signified by *~ One topic I get questions endlessly about is skincare. I get a lot of questions in regards to my favourite skincare products and the products I use on a daily. Very regularly I will put up a post detailing my updated skincareContinue reading “My Current Skincare Favourites”

How to Grow on Instagram

I am constantly going through vicious cycles of absolutely hating Instagram and then there are times where Instagram is my favourite platform to express my creativity. The algorithm can also be a pain, some days I will get 200 impressions and the other I will get 4,000. It can be quite disheartening when you putContinue reading “How to Grow on Instagram”

A Journey To Loving Myself: What I am going to do to learn to love myself

As everyone says, it is impossible to love anyone without truly loving yourself. Over the past couple months, I have been on a journey to loving myself. My journey started with one simple question: “How would you feel if someone you loved didn’t love themselves the way you love them?” I know so many peopleContinue reading “A Journey To Loving Myself: What I am going to do to learn to love myself”

How to Take The Perfect Self-timer Instagram pic

Recently, all of my Instagram pic’s have been shot by me, using a self-timer and a trusty old tripod. This is definitely due to being in lockdown and not being able to shoot outside, However, I have a new found love for taking pic’s by myself and I feel like I have definitely perfected theContinue reading “How to Take The Perfect Self-timer Instagram pic”

How To Make More Sustainable Wardrobe Choices

Being sustainable has become a huge part of everyday life and rightly so. Fast fashion is something that largely impacts the environment and people need to start making a conscious effort to be more Eco-friendly. There have been times in the past where I would buy clothing, throw it in my wardrobe to never beenContinue reading “How To Make More Sustainable Wardrobe Choices”

Dealing With Comparison

This is a topic I don’t really see many people talk about it, but instead, deal with it internally. As I sit here on a Saturday night and look back over my stats for the past couple weeks, I start to compare myself to others and why I’m not at the same stage as others.Continue reading “Dealing With Comparison”

A Shy Girls Guide to Feeling Confident in front of a camera

It goes without saying, taking photos as a blogger, especially when you are naturally shy can be quite daunting. I have had a lot of messages in the past asking how I am so confident in front of the camera, little do they know, I’m the most introvert person. When I first started blogging, IContinue reading “A Shy Girls Guide to Feeling Confident in front of a camera”

How I Stay Motivated to Create Content

I can definitely vouch for the people that lose motivation to create content. However, a couple weeks ago, I decided I wanted to take blogging more seriously and try and make it into a job rather than a hobby. A couple months ago, I neglected both my blog and Instagram, however, now that I haveContinue reading “How I Stay Motivated to Create Content”

My Quarantine Skincare Regime

One thing I have really been focusing on during lockdown has been my skin. I tend to change my skincare regime from time to time and I realized I haven’t updated you guys in a while on my current routine. As a blogger, I get the opportunity to test out a lot of skincare, however,Continue reading “My Quarantine Skincare Regime”

How to Find Cheap Flights in 2020

Do you ever get tired of endlessly searching for the cheapest flight and getting no where? Look no further, I have some tips and tricks to getting the cheapest and affordable flights in 2020. Over the past few years I have been using these hacks to find the best and affordable flight to my chosenContinue reading “How to Find Cheap Flights in 2020”