Why You Should Be Shopping In Charity Shops and Some of My Best Charity Finds

When I hit my teens I would always hit up my local charity shop with my Mom and it has kind of stuck with me. I love to visit a local Charity shop at least once a week and if I don’t, I start to get withdrawal, very dramatic I know. I’ve been thinking aContinue reading “Why You Should Be Shopping In Charity Shops and Some of My Best Charity Finds”

How To Find Your Worth As a Blogger and How to Reach Out to Brands

When it comes to Blogging, there are so many things you need to consider and it’s not just writing. Working with Brands is a huge part of what I do. Even though Blogging is only part time while I am at university, it is one of my sources of income and it took me aContinue reading “How To Find Your Worth As a Blogger and How to Reach Out to Brands”

How I Stay Motivated to Eat Healthy and Work Out Regularly

I’m one of those people that will get up at 7 AM and head straight to the gym, how you might be asking? I’m not really sure. As I am quite motivated to eat healthy and workout pretty much everyday, I thought I would put together a little post on how I stay motivated evenContinue reading “How I Stay Motivated to Eat Healthy and Work Out Regularly”

Pixi Vitamin-C Collection: Review*

Hello all, I hope you are all well. Today I have a really exciting blog post because I’m going to be giving my review on the new Pixi Vitamin-C Collection. All these products were kindly gifted to me by the Pixi team which I am highly grateful for and I’m excited to be working withContinue reading “Pixi Vitamin-C Collection: Review*”

The Goals I want to accomplish before I turn Twenty One

I always knew that there were things I wanted to do before I turned 21. I feel like you definitely have to get your sh*t together before you turn 21. In today’s post, I thought I would I would talk about some of the main things I want to achieve/accomplish before I turn 21, whichContinue reading “The Goals I want to accomplish before I turn Twenty One”

Five Things I use To Be More Sustainable

A sustainable lifestyle has been something I’ve been very passionate about for a few months now and have been making some lifestyle changes to live a life that is more sustainable. Living a sustainable life is important to both yourself and the environment and I do believe being sustainable has many benefits, I think theContinue reading “Five Things I use To Be More Sustainable”

The Skincare Regime That Has Saved My Skin|How I Cleared My Skin In 2 weeks

In summer I tend to get breakouts quite a lot and I’m not actually sure why. I’ve put together a skincare routine that has pretty much saved my skin. A few weeks ago I broke out pretty bad and had a few red patches surrounding my skin. I kind of thought it was the dramaticContinue reading “The Skincare Regime That Has Saved My Skin|How I Cleared My Skin In 2 weeks”

The Five Things I Miss At Home While Travelling

When Travelling, it can become quite easy to miss certain things, I know I certainly do. It never became apparent to me that I’d miss certain things while I am away because I thought I wouldn’t miss anything at all. I thought I’d put together a list of 5 things that I miss when IContinue reading “The Five Things I Miss At Home While Travelling”

Travel Europe With Me- Copenhagen-Denmark Day 3

This is the last instalment of my trip to Copenhagen and this has probably got to be my favourite day! If you haven’t already seen my first day in Copenhagen and what I got up to on my trip to Malmo, here are the links: https://chlolauren.com/2019/07/13/travel-europe-with-me-copenhagen-denmark-day-one/ https://chlolauren.com/2019/07/15/travel-europe-with-me-malmo-sweden-day-two/ If you aren’t already, I’d really appreciate itContinue reading “Travel Europe With Me- Copenhagen-Denmark Day 3”

Nineteen Things I’ve Learnt in Nineteen Years

Today is actually my 20th Birthday, Happy birthday to me! Something about writing that makes me scared a little. Last year, I did the 18 things I’ve learnt in 18 years and I really enjoyed reflecting on my life lessons so I thought I’d do an updated one to celebrate my birthday! In the comments,Continue reading “Nineteen Things I’ve Learnt in Nineteen Years”

Travel Europe With Me- Malmo/Sweden | Day Two

On Saturday, I uploaded a Copenhagen post which was day one of our trip. In today’s post, I’m going to be showing you what we got up to on the second day of our trip. As you may be able to tell by the title, we travelled to Malmo for the day. When we wereContinue reading “Travel Europe With Me- Malmo/Sweden | Day Two”

Travel Europe With Me – Copenhagen/Denmark | Day One

If you aren’t following me on my Instagram, which you should, you wouldn’t know that I recently visited Copenhagen, the happiest place on earth. I definitely fell in love with Copenhagen and I have so much to share about this trip! We flew there late in the afternoon at around 7 on the 6th JulyContinue reading “Travel Europe With Me – Copenhagen/Denmark | Day One”