The Goals I want to accomplish before I turn Twenty One

I always knew that there were things I wanted to do before I turned 21. I feel like you definitely have to get your sh*t together before you turn 21. In today’s post, I thought I would I would talk about some of the main things I want to achieve/accomplish before I turn 21, whichContinue reading “The Goals I want to accomplish before I turn Twenty One”

Nineteen Things I’ve Learnt in Nineteen Years

Today is actually my 20th Birthday, Happy birthday to me! Something about writing that makes me scared a little. Last year, I did the 18 things I’ve learnt in 18 years and I really enjoyed reflecting on my life lessons so I thought I’d do an updated one to celebrate my birthday! In the comments,Continue reading “Nineteen Things I’ve Learnt in Nineteen Years”

How I Stay Motivated with Blogging|Why I Ditched Caring about Likes and Getting Past Rejection from Brands etc.

Something I get asked from friends and family quite regularly is how I stay motivated when it comes to blogging. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to stay motivated when being rejected by brands and not getting the traffic I should. Something that has been floating around Instagram recently is individuals being disappointed when theyContinue reading “How I Stay Motivated with Blogging|Why I Ditched Caring about Likes and Getting Past Rejection from Brands etc.”

5 Things I love About Myself

I’ve seen this a couple of times on my Twitter feed and I thought I would do this myself. On a daily basis, I am always putting myself down for various reasons so I thought I would sit down and give myself some self-love through a post. If you are reading this, I ask youContinue reading “5 Things I love About Myself”

My 2019 Summer Bucket List

At the time I’m writing this, it’s pouring it down with rain which is pretty typical for England weather but it is forecast to be quite warm later on in the week and it is officially Summer so I thought I would put together a Summer bucket list. There is actually quite a lot thatContinue reading “My 2019 Summer Bucket List”

Q & A

I haven’t done a Q&A since the veryyy start of my blog so I thought it might be fun to do one now. I asked my followers on Instagram to send me some questions and you didn’t disappoint, I got quite a lot of questions but I thought I would narrow it down to aroundContinue reading “Q & A”

Where I Want To Go With

I took a little break a few weeks ago and on that break I was wondering where I’d like to go with Chlolauren in the next couple of months so I thought I would put all my ideas in one place so you have a lil idea of what is to come on here! ItContinue reading “Where I Want To Go With”

Chlolauren turns one

I hope you’ve got your partly hats on because that’s right, Chlolauren has turned one! Can you believe my small blog is now one! I can’t quite believe that I have been creating content for chlolauren for a whole year now! Well I didn’t officially purchase the domain till September but it counts right?. AsContinue reading “Chlolauren turns one”

18 Things I’ve Learnt At 18

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and welcome to my blog. So today, it is my birthday, I have turned 19 and left my year of being 18, it has been so full of emotions, both happy and sad. In celebration of my birthday, I thought I would tell you 18 things I’veContinue reading “18 Things I’ve Learnt At 18”


DISCLAIMER; Talking about anxiety and depression in some aspects, please skip if this can be triggering, please x Hey everyone, I hope your all doing well and having a lovely day, Today I back with a more serious blog post today and this is something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while and thisContinue reading “MY MENTAL HEATH JOURNEY”

Where my Journey Begins: Getting to know me.

Hey there! I feel that it would only be right to make my first post introducing myself so everyone can get to know me a little better, so,  I’m Chloe, a 18-year-old female, for a few years now I’ve wanted to make a blog but never really had the confidence to do so, but as 2018Continue reading “Where my Journey Begins: Getting to know me.”