A Trip to Bournemouth

~This post is in Collaboration with National Express and Includes Payment and Gifted tickets~ Travelling more of the UK was one of the many things I placed on my 2019 bucket list when I did this, I made sure to write a few places down that I hadn’t yet visited and made it my missionContinue reading “A Trip to Bournemouth”

Travelling Europe: The Algarve through a Lens

If you’ve been keeping up to date with some of my blog posts you would know that I’ve recently been to Portugal and I’ve uploaded two separate posts all about my trip and what I got up to! I’m a huge photography junkie and I like to spend a little bit more time taking photosContinue reading “Travelling Europe: The Algarve through a Lens”

Travelling Europe: Visiting Portugal/Algarve Part 2

Here is the second instalment of me visiting Portugal and this one is super exciting because we hopped on a train to Lagos and I was mind blown. If you haven’t had a read of my previous post outlining what I got up to on the first day in Portugal, here is the link ifContinue reading “Travelling Europe: Visiting Portugal/Algarve Part 2”

Travelling Europe: Visiting Portugal/Algarve Part 1

Hey, it’s me again, I’m finally back from my break once again! I’m so sorry for the prolonged break, it really wasn’t meant to last this long! The reason for this break was because I had so many assignments and exams and I just couldn’t juggle blogging as well. Today I’m back with an excitingContinue reading “Travelling Europe: Visiting Portugal/Algarve Part 1”

How to Pack Your Life into a Backpack

Travelling can be very expensive already but spending money on luggage is something you really don’t need to do. Are you going on a city break for 3 days at most? save some cash and use a backpack instead of paying extra to take a suitcase with you. If your anything like me, I’ve takenContinue reading “How to Pack Your Life into a Backpack”

Travelling Europe: Rome Through a Lens

As you may or may not know I went to Rome almost 5 months ago and I had so many images that I hadn’t yet published on Instagram or on my blog. I thought that I would put together a post showing all of the images I took when I was out and about. ItContinue reading “Travelling Europe: Rome Through a Lens”

How to Travel Cheap in Europe

Travelling Europe cheap may sound impossible but believe me, its easy if your smart about it. People often ask me how I’m able to travel Europe living as a University student, I got you! Below are some of my favourite cheap ways of travelling Europe and I hope they help you when planning your nextContinue reading “How to Travel Cheap in Europe”

10 Things to do when you go to London: Tourist, Places to Eat, Must See Places

Going to London can definitely feel overwhelming if you don’t know the right places to visit. If your travelling into London or live in the UK and likes being a tourist in their own country like myself, I’m going to be giving you all the background information you need for visiting the beautiful London. EvenContinue reading “10 Things to do when you go to London: Tourist, Places to Eat, Must See Places”

Travelling Europe: 48 hours in Disneyland, part 2

The last instalment of my 48 hours in Disneyland. Yesterday I uploaded part 1 of our trip to Disneyland so if you wan’t to check that out first, click here. Thank you for all the love on yesterday’s post and I’m so glad you all enjoyed reading as much as I loved writing! I’m just goingContinue reading “Travelling Europe: 48 hours in Disneyland, part 2”

Travelling Europe: 48 hours in Disneyland, part 1

Hey, hi, it feels like ages since I’ve actually sat down and wrote a post as I’ve had quite a lot scheduled and I’ve been super busy with university but I thought it was about time to sit down and write some content! What better way to do this than writing about my 48 hoursContinue reading “Travelling Europe: 48 hours in Disneyland, part 1”

My 2019 Travel Bucket List

I think if you know me personally, you’d know that I’m a tad obsessed with travelling. I’ve been fortunate enough to go to the beautiful city of Rome and I’ve very recently been to Disneyland Paris. If you’ve been a long time reader of my blog, you would know that I only got my firstContinue reading “My 2019 Travel Bucket List”

Top 5 must see places in Rome, Italy

Rome is such a beautiful and unique place with so much culture which you can delve your mind into. There are so many beautiful places to visit that it was almost impossible to narrow them down into 5. If you haven’t already, I have two blog posts already up about my trip to Rome, hereContinue reading “Top 5 must see places in Rome, Italy”