How to Take The Perfect Self-timer Instagram pic

Recently, all of my Instagram pic’s have been shot by me, using a self-timer and a trusty old tripod. This is definitely due to being in lockdown and not being able to shoot outside, However, I have a new found love for taking pic’s by myself and I feel like I have definitely perfected theContinue reading “How to Take The Perfect Self-timer Instagram pic”

Why You Should Approach Black Friday with Caution: How bad is it for the environment?

Tomorrow is the all famous Black Friday, the day where all participating stores host HUGE discounts for a short period of time. Traffic on these sites go wild and delivery services are worked to death due to the mass amount of deliveries. Like anything, Black Friday comes with some environmental concerns. I totally understand thatContinue reading “Why You Should Approach Black Friday with Caution: How bad is it for the environment?”

Testing Botanics Skincare*

Skincare is something we love on this blog so I jumped at the opportunity to test some new skincare. Botanics has been a brand I’ve wanted to test for a while and I’ve been getting on with a lot of their products! Before we start, I just want to let you know that some ofContinue reading “Testing Botanics Skincare*”

Why You Should Be Shopping In Charity Shops and Some of My Best Charity Finds

When I hit my teens I would always hit up my local charity shop with my Mom and it has kind of stuck with me. I love to visit a local Charity shop at least once a week and if I don’t, I start to get withdrawal, very dramatic I know. I’ve been thinking aContinue reading “Why You Should Be Shopping In Charity Shops and Some of My Best Charity Finds”

The Goals I want to accomplish before I turn Twenty One

I always knew that there were things I wanted to do before I turned 21. I feel like you definitely have to get your sh*t together before you turn 21. In today’s post, I thought I would I would talk about some of the main things I want to achieve/accomplish before I turn 21, whichContinue reading “The Goals I want to accomplish before I turn Twenty One”

Where I Want To Go With

I took a little break a few weeks ago and on that break I was wondering where I’d like to go with Chlolauren in the next couple of months so I thought I would put all my ideas in one place so you have a lil idea of what is to come on here! ItContinue reading “Where I Want To Go With”

Travelling Europe: The Algarve through a Lens

If you’ve been keeping up to date with some of my blog posts you would know that I’ve recently been to Portugal and I’ve uploaded two separate posts all about my trip and what I got up to! I’m a huge photography junkie and I like to spend a little bit more time taking photosContinue reading “Travelling Europe: The Algarve through a Lens”

Travelling Europe: Visiting Portugal/Algarve Part 1

Hey, it’s me again, I’m finally back from my break once again! I’m so sorry for the prolonged break, it really wasn’t meant to last this long! The reason for this break was because I had so many assignments and exams and I just couldn’t juggle blogging as well. Today I’m back with an excitingContinue reading “Travelling Europe: Visiting Portugal/Algarve Part 1”

Travelling Europe: Rome Through a Lens

As you may or may not know I went to Rome almost 5 months ago and I had so many images that I hadn’t yet published on Instagram or on my blog. I thought that I would put together a post showing all of the images I took when I was out and about. ItContinue reading “Travelling Europe: Rome Through a Lens”

10 Things to do when you go to London: Tourist, Places to Eat, Must See Places

Going to London can definitely feel overwhelming if you don’t know the right places to visit. If your travelling into London or live in the UK and likes being a tourist in their own country like myself, I’m going to be giving you all the background information you need for visiting the beautiful London. EvenContinue reading “10 Things to do when you go to London: Tourist, Places to Eat, Must See Places”