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About me

A 19-year-old Female who is currently in her second year at university studying Forensic Psychology and is a Part time Blogger and influences on Instagram. Located near Manchester, UK.

About chlolauren

Chlolauren is a constantly evolving blog founded in 2018 largely focused on Lifestyle and Travel. I love encouraging individuals to see the world and showcase my life which could be helpful to others.

Why you should work with chlolauren

Chlolauren is a fast evolving blog focused on Lifestyle and Travel. I am a trusted resource for anything Lifestyle and Travel related and I will always share my honest opinion with my readers.

If you are looking to work with chlolauren and want more information on the service options I have available,

You can download my media kit here.

Let’s partner up!

I am available for collaboration and partnership within the Lifestyle and Travel industry. I am always interested in exploring new places and testing out new products and sharing my thoughts with my followers. I usually document my everyday life on my Instagram stories on chlolaurenblogs but I look forward to telling the story, reviewing the product/place and sharing beautiful images for my followers.

Social media following:

Instagram: 1.6k, 5k impressions weekly,

Audience for Instagram: 77% women 23% men

Twitter: 1.3K

Blog: 16K blog hits

Pinterest: 30K monthly views

I have worked with:

  • National Express
  • Dermalogica
  • Everything5pound
  • Tropic Skincare
  • Many more


Are you interested in collaborating with chlolauren? Please email me on

and I will get back to you ASAP.

If you’d like to see my other socials,

Instagram: chlolaurenblogs Twitter: chlolaurenxox

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